Apparatus for testing the eyes Instruments for examining the eyes


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  • A61B3/00
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Sub Industries

A61B3/0008provided with illuminating means A61B3/0016Operational features thereof A61B3/0025characterised by electronic signal processing A61B3/0033characterised by user input arrangements A61B3/0041characterised by display arrangements A61B3/005Constructional features of the display A61B3/0058for multiple images A61B3/0066with identification means for the apparatus A61B3/0075provided with adjusting devices A61B3/0083provided with means for patient positioning A61B3/0091Fixation targets for viewing direction A61B3/02Subjective types A61B3/022for testing contrast sensitivity A61B3/024for determining the visual field A61B3/028for testing visual acuity for determination of refraction A61B3/0285Phoropters A61B3/032Devices for presenting test symbols or characters A61B3/0325provided with red and green targets A61B3/036for testing astigmatism A61B3/04Trial frames Sets of lenses for use therewith A61B3/06for testing light sensitivity A61B3/063for testing light sensitivity A61B3/066for testing colour vision A61B3/08for testing binocular or stereoscopic vision. A61B3/085for testing strabismus A61B3/09for testing accommodation A61B3/10Objective types A61B3/1005for measuring distances inside the eye A61B3/101for examining the tear film A61B3/1015for wavefront analysis A61B3/102for optical coherence tomography [OCT] A61B3/1025for confocal scanning A61B3/103for determining refraction A61B3/1035for measuring astigmatism A61B3/107for determining the shape or measuring the curvature of the cornea A61B3/11for measuring interpupillary distance or diameter of pupils A61B3/111for measuring interpupillary distance A61B3/112for measuring diameter of pupils A61B3/113for determining or recording eye movement A61B3/117for examining the anterior chamber or the anterior chamber angle A61B3/1173for examining the eye lens A61B3/1176for determining lens opacity A61B3/12for looking at the eye fundus A61B3/1208Multiple lens hand-held instruments A61B3/1216for diagnostics of the iris A61B3/1225using coherent radiation A61B3/1233for measuring blood flow A61B3/1241specially adapted for observation of ocular blood flow A61B3/125with contact lenses A61B3/13Ophthalmic microscopes A61B3/132in binocular arrangement A61B3/135Slit-lamp microscopes A61B3/14Arrangements specially adapted for eye photography A61B3/145by video means A61B3/15with means for aligning, spacing or blocking spurious reflection; with means for relaxing A61B3/152for aligning A61B3/154for spacing A61B3/156for blocking A61B3/158of corneal reflection A61B3/16for measuring intraocular pressure A61B3/165Non-contacting tonometers A61B3/18Arrangement of plural eye-testing or -examining apparatus A61B3/185characterised by modular construction