Apparatus or processes specially adapted for manufacturing resistors


  • CPC
  • H01C17/00
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Sub Industries

H01C17/003using lithography H01C17/006adapted for manufacturing resistor chips H01C17/02adapted for manufacturing resistors with envelope or housing H01C17/04adapted for winding the resistive element H01C17/06adapted for coating resistive material on a base H01C17/065by thick film techniques H01C17/06506Precursor compositions therefor H01C17/06513characterised by the resistive component H01C17/0652containing carbon or carbides H01C17/06526composed of metals H01C17/06533composed of oxides H01C17/0654Oxides of the platinum group H01C17/06546Oxides of zinc or cadmium H01C17/06553composed of a combination of metals and oxides H01C17/0656composed of silicides H01C17/06566composed of borides H01C17/06573characterised by the permanent binder H01C17/0658composed of inorganic material H01C17/06586composed of organic material H01C17/06593characterised by the temporary binder H01C17/07by resistor foil bonding H01C17/075by thin film techniques H01C17/08by vapour deposition H01C17/10by flame spraying H01C17/12by sputtering H01C17/14by chemical deposition H01C17/16using electric current H01C17/18without using electric current H01C17/20by pyrolytic processes H01C17/22adapted for trimming H01C17/23by opening or closing resistor geometric tracks of predetermined resistive values H01C17/232Adjusting the temperature coefficient Adjusting value of resistance by adjusting temperature coefficient of resistance H01C17/235Initial adjustment of potentiometer parts for calibration H01C17/24by removing or adding resistive material H01C17/2404by charged particle impact H01C17/2408by pulsed voltage erosion H01C17/2412by electrolytic treatment H01C17/2416by chemical etching H01C17/242by laser H01C17/245by mechanical means H01C17/26by converting resistive material H01C17/262by electrolytic treatment H01C17/265by chemical or thermal treatment H01C17/267by passage of voltage pulses or electric current H01C17/28adapted for applying terminals H01C17/281by thick film techniques H01C17/283Precursor compositions therefor H01C17/285applied to zinc or cadmium oxide resistors H01C17/286applied to TiO2 or titanate resistors H01C17/288by thin film techniques H01C17/30adapted for baking