Application independent communication protocol aspects or techniques in packet data networks


  • CPC
  • H04L69/00
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H04L69/02Protocol performance H04L69/03Protocol definition or specification H04L69/04Protocols for data compression H04L69/06Notations for structuring of protocol data H04L69/08Protocols for interworking or protocol conversion H04L69/10Streamlined, light-weight or high-speed protocols H04L69/12Protocol engines H04L69/14Multichannel or multilink protocols H04L69/16Transmission control protocol/internet protocol [TCP/IP] or user datagram protocol [UDP] H04L69/161Implementation details of TCP/IP or UDP/IP stack architecture; Specification of modified or new header fields H04L69/162involving adaptations of sockets based mechanisms H04L69/163Adaptation of TCP data exchange control procedures H04L69/164Adaptation or special uses of UDP protocol H04L69/165involving combined use or selection criteria between TCP and UDP protocols H04L69/166IP fragmentation or TCP segmentation aspects H04L69/167Transitional provisions between IPv4 and IPv6 H04L69/168Special adaptations of TCP, UDP or IP to match specific link layer protocols H04L69/169Special adaptations of TCP, UDP or IP for interworking of IP based networks with other networks H04L69/18Multi-protocol handler H04L69/22Header parsing or analysis H04L69/24Negotiation of communication capabilities H04L69/26Special purpose or proprietary protocols or architectures H04L69/28Timer mechanisms used in protocols H04L69/30Definitions, standards or architectural aspects of layered protocol stacks H04L69/32High level architectural aspects of 7-layer open systems interconnection [OSI] type protocol stacks H04L69/321Aspects of inter-layer communication protocols or service data unit [SDU] definitions; Interfaces between layers H04L69/322Aspects of intra-layer communication protocols among peer entities or protocol data unit [PDU] definitions H04L69/323in the physical layer H04L69/324in the data link layer, i.e. layer two H04L69/325in the network layer, i.e. layer three H04L69/326in the transport layer H04L69/327in the session layer H04L69/328in the presentation layer H04L69/329in the application layer H04L69/40Techniques for recovering from a failure of a protocol instance or entity