Arrangement or mounting of transmissions in vehicles


  • CPC
  • B60K17/00
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Sub Industries

B60K17/02characterised by arrangement, location, or kind of clutch B60K17/04characterised by arrangement, location, or kind of gearing B60K17/043Transmission unit disposed in on near the vehicle wheel, or between the differential gear unit and the wheel B60K17/046with planetary gearing having orbital motion B60K17/06of change-speed gearing B60K17/08of mechanical type B60K17/10of fluid gearing B60K17/105Units comprising at least a part of the gearing and a torque-transmitting axle B60K17/12of electric gearing B60K17/14the motor of fluid or electric gearing being disposed in or adjacent to traction wheel B60K17/145the electric gearing being disposed in or adjacent to traction wheel B60K17/16of differential gearing B60K17/165provided between independent half axles B60K17/18in which the differential movement is obtained by resilient means B60K17/20in which the differential movement is limited B60K17/22characterised by arrangement, location, or type of main drive shafting B60K17/24Arrangements of mountings for shafting B60K17/26characterised by arrangement, location, of type of freewheel device B60K17/28characterised by arrangement, location, or type of power take-off B60K17/30the ultimate propulsive elements B60K17/303with a gearwheel on the steering knuckle or kingpin axis B60K17/306with a universal joint in the axis of the steering knuckle B60K17/32the ultimate propulsive elements B60K17/34for driving both front and rear wheels B60K17/342having a longitudinal, endless element B60K17/344having a transfer gear B60K17/346the transfer gear being a differential gear B60K17/3462with means for changing distribution of torque between front and rear wheels B60K17/3465self-actuated means B60K17/3467combined with a change speed gearing B60K17/348having differential means for driving one set of wheels B60K17/35including arrangements for suppressing or influencing the power transfer B60K17/3505with self-actuated means B60K17/351comprising a viscous clutch B60K17/3515with a clutch adjacent to traction wheel B60K17/352manually operated B60K17/354having separate mechanical assemblies for transmitting drive to the front or to the rear wheels or set of wheels B60K17/356having fluid or electric motor, for driving one or more wheels B60K17/358all driven wheels being steerable B60K17/36for driving tandem wheels