Arrangements for metering, time-control or time indication ; Metering, charging or billing arrangements for voice wireline or wireless communications


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  • H04M15/00
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Sub Industries

H04M15/02Severing connection after predetermined time H04M15/04Recording calls , or communications in printed, perforated or other permanent form H04M15/06Recording class or number of calling H04M15/07Split billing H04M15/08Metering calls to called party H04M15/09Third party charged communications H04M15/10Metering calls from calling party H04M15/12Discriminative metering , charging or billing H04M15/14according to class of calling party H04M15/16according to connection obtained H04M15/18according to duration of the call , or the communication H04M15/20Operator's time recording or indicating arrangements H04M15/22according to time of day H04M15/24Preventing metering of tax-free calls to certain lines H04M15/26with a meter or performing charging or billing at the exchange controlled by an operator H04M15/28with meter at substation or with calculation of charges at terminal H04M15/30the meter or calculation of charges not being controlled from an exchange H04M15/31Distributed metering or calculation of charges H04M15/32Charging, billing or metering arrangements for satellites or concentrators which connect one or more exchange lines with a group of local lines H04M15/34Charging, billing or metering arrangements for private branch exchanges H04M15/36Charging, billing or metering arrangements for party-lines H04M15/38Charging, billing or metering by apparatus other than mechanical step-by-step counter type H04M15/39Arrangements for preventing metering, charging or billing H04M15/41Billing record details H04M15/42Dynamic individual rates per user H04M15/43Billing software details H04M15/44Augmented, consolidated or itemized billing statement or bill presentation H04M15/46Real-time negotiation between users and providers or operators H04M15/47Fraud detection or prevention means H04M15/48Secure or trusted billing H04M15/49Connection to several service providers H04M15/50for cross-charging network operators H04M15/51for resellers, retailers or service providers H04M15/52for operator independent billing system H04M15/53using mediation H04M15/54for revenue sharing H04M15/55for hybrid networks H04M15/56for VoIP communications H04M15/57for integrated multimedia messaging subsystem [IMS] H04M15/58based on statistics of usage or network monitoring H04M15/59based on real time H04M15/60based on actual use of network resources H04M15/61based on the service used H04M15/62based on trigger specification H04M15/63based on the content carried by the session initiation protocol [SIP] messages H04M15/64On-line charging system [OCS] H04M15/65Off-line charging system H04M15/66Policy and charging system H04M15/67Transmitting arrangements for sending billing related information H04M15/68Payment of value-added services H04M15/70Administration or customization aspects; Counter-checking correct charges H04M15/705Account settings H04M15/71Modifying recharging resources H04M15/715Activating new subscriber or card H04M15/72by the user H04M15/721using the Internet H04M15/723using the user's device H04M15/725by the operator H04M15/73Validating charges H04M15/735Re-crediting user H04M15/74Backing up H04M15/745Customizing according to wishes of subscriber H04M15/75Account location specifications H04M15/751Card based account H04M15/752Terminal based account H04M15/753Network based account H04M15/755Account identification H04M15/7553via service number H04M15/7556by SIM H04M15/76Synchronization of distributed accounts H04M15/765Linked or grouped accounts H04M15/7652shared by users H04M15/7655shared by technologies H04M15/7657for closed subscriber group [CSG] H04M15/77involving multiple accounts per user H04M15/771per terminal or location H04M15/772per service H04M15/773per technology H04M15/774per card H04M15/775Account specifications on parallel communications H04M15/78Redistributing amount between accounts H04M15/781dynamically H04M15/783by user request H04M15/785Reserving amount on the account H04M15/79Virtual purses H04M15/80Rating or billing plans; Tariff determination aspects H04M15/8005Flat-fee H04M15/8011using class of subscriber H04M15/8016based on quality of service [QoS] H04M15/8022Determining tariff or charge band H04M15/8027based on network load situation H04M15/8033location-dependent H04M15/8038Roaming or handoff H04M15/8044Least cost routing H04M15/805Bidding H04M15/8055Selecting cheaper transport technology for a given service H04M15/8061Selecting least cost route depending on origin or type of service H04M15/8066According to the number of recipients H04M15/8072Group, conference or multi-party call H04M15/8077Group MMS or SMS; Point-to-multi-point services or broadcast services H04M15/8083involving reduced rates or discounts H04M15/8088involving increased rates H04M15/8094Trial service H04M15/81Dynamic pricing H04M15/82Criteria or parameters used for performing billing operations H04M15/8207Time based data metric aspects H04M15/8214Data or packet based H04M15/8221Message based H04M15/8228Session based H04M15/8235Access based H04M15/8242Transaction based H04M15/825based on the number of used channels H04M15/8257Unit based H04M15/8264Pulse based H04M15/8271Based on the number of used services H04M15/8278Event based H04M15/8285Money or currency based H04M15/8292Charging for signaling or unsuccessful connection H04M15/83Notification aspects H04M15/835Time or frequency of notifications H04M15/8351before establishing a communication H04M15/8353during the communication H04M15/8355after the end of the communication H04M15/8356in regular intervals H04M15/8358Dynamic change of the length or frequency of the notification interval H04M15/84Types of notifications H04M15/842Announcement H04M15/844Message H04M15/846optical H04M15/848Tone H04M15/85characterised by the type of condition triggering a notification H04M15/851Determined tariff H04M15/852Low balance or limit reached H04M15/853Calculate maximum communication time or volume H04M15/854Available credit H04M15/855Successful event H04M15/856Unsuccessful event H04M15/857Cumulative charges H04M15/858Request users acknowledgement prior to use H04M15/86Recipients of the notification H04M15/863multiple parties H04M15/866a predetermined or undetermined destination H04M15/88Provision for limiting connection, or expenditure H04M15/881for continuing the call beyond the limit using allow grace H04M15/882for continuing the call beyond the limit using an alternative H04M15/883linked escalation limits H04M15/885limit per application H04M15/886limit per terminal H04M15/887limit per user or user related number H04M15/888severing connection after predetermined time or data H04M15/90using Intelligent Networks [IN] or Advanced Intelligent Networks [AIN] H04M15/93using near field or similar technologies