Arrangements or adaptations of optical signalling or lighting devices


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  • B60Q1/00
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Sub Industries

B60Q1/0005Devices preventing the lights from becoming dirty or damaged B60Q1/0011with light guides for distributing the light between several lighting or signalling devices B60Q1/0017Devices integrating an element dedicated to another function B60Q1/0023the element being a sensor B60Q1/0029Spatial arrangement B60Q1/0035relative to the vehicle B60Q1/0041of several lamps in relation to each other B60Q1/0047Signalling unit mounted on a headlamp unit B60Q1/0052concentric B60Q1/0058Stacked B60Q1/0064with provision for maintenance B60Q1/007via a removable cap B60Q1/0076Switches therefor B60Q1/0082mounted on the steering wheel B60Q1/0088Details of electrical connections B60Q1/0094Arrangement of electronic circuits separated from the light source B60Q1/02the devices being primarily intended to illuminate the way ahead or to illuminate other areas of way or environments B60Q1/04the devices being headlights B60Q1/0408built into the vehicle body B60Q1/0416the housing being mounted on the vehicle body using rails B60Q1/0425the housing being swivel mounted on the vehicle body B60Q1/0433the housing being fastened onto the vehicle body using screws B60Q1/0441the housing being fastened onto the vehicle body using means other than screws B60Q1/045with provision for adjusting the alignment of the headlamp housing with respect to the vehicle body B60Q1/0458the front cover being directly mounted onto the vehicle body B60Q1/0466with arrangement for sealing the headlamp with respect to the vehicle body, or for concealling gaps between the headlamp and the vehicle body B60Q1/0475with provisions for pre-mounting, for temporary holding the headlamp before or during final mounting B60Q1/0483mounted on a bracket B60Q1/0491Shock absorbing devices therefor B60Q1/05Retractable B60Q1/06adjustable B60Q1/064by fluid means B60Q1/068by mechanical means B60Q1/0683Adjustable by rotation of a screw B60Q1/0686using a position indicator mounted on the headlight and permanently attached thereto B60Q1/072comprising a flexible element B60Q1/076by electrical means including means to transmit the movements B60Q1/08automatically B60Q1/085due to special conditions B60Q1/10due to vehicle inclination B60Q1/105by fluid means B60Q1/11by mechanical means B60Q1/115by electric means B60Q1/12due to steering position B60Q1/121with fluid actuating means B60Q1/122with electrical actuating means B60Q1/124by mechanical means B60Q1/14having dimming means B60Q1/1407General lighting circuits comprising dimming circuits B60Q1/1415Dimming circuits B60Q1/1423Automatic dimming circuits B60Q1/143combined with another condition B60Q1/1438Actuating means for dimming masks or screens B60Q1/1446controlled by mechanically actuated switches B60Q1/1453Hand actuated switches B60Q1/1461Multifunction switches for dimming headlights and controlling additional devices B60Q1/1469controlled by or attached to a single lever B60Q1/1476comprising switch controlling means located near the free end of the lever B60Q1/1484mounted on the steering wheel B60Q1/1492Foot actuated switches B60Q1/16illuminating the way asymmetrically B60Q1/18being additional front lights B60Q1/20Fog lights B60Q1/22for reverse drive B60Q1/24for lighting other areas than only the way ahead B60Q1/245using spotlights adjustable from within the vehicle B60Q1/26the devices being primarily intended to indicate the vehicle, or parts thereof, or to give signals, to other traffic B60Q1/2603Attenuation of the light according to ambient luminiosity B60Q1/2607comprising at least two indicating lamps B60Q1/2611Indicating devices mounted on the roof of the vehicle B60Q1/2615mounted on the vehicle body B60Q1/2619built in the vehicle body B60Q1/2623Details of the fastening means B60Q1/2626Screw-nut fasteners B60Q1/263Snap-in fasteners B60Q1/2634Fastening by rotating the device housing about its longitudinal axis B60Q1/2638Positioning the device housing by indexing means separate from the fastening means B60Q1/2642with provision for adjusting the alignment of the device housing with respect to the vehicle body B60Q1/2646using dowels or expansible elements B60Q1/2649with provision for pre-mounting or temporary holding the device before or during final mounting B60Q1/2653with arrangement for sealing the device with respect to the vehicle body, or for concealing gaps between the device and the vehicle body B60Q1/2657mounted on a shaft B60Q1/2661mounted on parts having other functions B60Q1/2665on rear-view mirrors B60Q1/2669on door or boot handles B60Q1/2673on parts worn by the driver B60Q1/2676Helmets B60Q1/268on windscreens or windows B60Q1/2684on wipers or windscreen washers B60Q1/2688on exhaust pipes B60Q1/2692retractable lights B60Q1/2696Mounting of devices using LEDs B60Q1/28for indicating front of vehicle B60Q1/30for indicating rear of vehicle B60Q1/302mounted in the vicinity B60Q1/305Indicating devices for towed vehicles B60Q1/307mounted on loading platforms B60Q1/32for indicating vehicle sides B60Q1/323on or for doors or running boards B60Q1/326on or for wheels B60Q1/34for indicating change of drive direction B60Q1/343Manually actuated switching arrangements therefor B60Q1/346with automatic actuation B60Q1/36using movable members B60Q1/38using immovably-mounted light sources B60Q1/382Electronic temporisation with semiconductor amplification B60Q1/385Electronic temporisation with relay amplification B60Q1/387Mechanical temporisation B60Q1/40having mechanical, electric or electronic automatic return to inoperative position B60Q1/42having mechanical automatic return to inoperative position due to steering-wheel position B60Q1/425using a latching element for resetting a switching element B60Q1/44for indicating braking action or preparation for braking B60Q1/441Electric switches operable by the driver's pedals B60Q1/442visible on the front side of the vehicle B60Q1/444with indication of the braking strength or speed changes B60Q1/445controlled by inertial devices B60Q1/447with indication of the braking strength or speed changes B60Q1/448specially adapted for vehicles with ABS B60Q1/46for giving flashing caution signals during drive, other than signalling change of direction B60Q1/48for parking purposes B60Q1/482for locating vehicle in parking lot B60Q1/484for showing outline of vehicle B60Q1/486for indicating that vehicle is in a parked state B60Q1/488for indicating intention to park B60Q1/50for indicating other intentions or conditions B60Q1/503using luminous text displays B60Q1/506for signaling silent vehicles B60Q1/52for indicating emergencies B60Q1/525indicating risk of collision between vehicles or with pedestrians B60Q1/54for indicating speed outside of the vehicle B60Q1/56for illuminating registrations or the like