Beds specially adapted for nursing Devices for lifting patients or disabled persons


  • CPC
  • A61G7/00
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Sub Industries

A61G7/0005Means for bathing bedridden persons A61G7/001with means for turning-over the patient A61G7/0015having means for attaching a cabinet in order to transport bed and cabinet together A61G7/002having adjustable mattress frame A61G7/005tiltable around transverse horizontal axis A61G7/008tiltable around longitudinal axis A61G7/012raising or lowering of the whole mattress frame A61G7/015divided into different adjustable sections A61G7/018Control or drive mechanisms A61G7/02with toilet conveniences, or specially adapted for use with toilets A61G7/047Beds for special sanitary purposes A61G7/05Parts, details or accessories of beds A61G7/0501Bed-clothes supports to alleviate the weight of the bed-clothes on the patient A61G7/0502Dispensers of disposable sheets A61G7/0503Holders, support devices for receptacles A61G7/0504Harnesses or restraining devices in order to evacuate a patient with the mattress A61G7/0506Head or foot boards A61G7/0507Side-rails A61G7/0525Side-bolsters A61G7/0526Restraining enclosures A61G7/053Aids for getting into, or out of, bed A61G7/0533Lifting poles A61G7/0536Lifting straps, usually attached to the bed-end and grasped by the patient in order to raise himself into a sitting position A61G7/057Arrangements for preventing bed-sores or for supporting patients with burns A61G7/05707with integral, body-bearing projections or protuberances A61G7/05715with modular blocks, or inserts, with layers of different material A61G7/05723with cut-outs or depressions in order to relieve the pressure on a part of the body A61G7/0573with mattress frames having alternately movable parts A61G7/05738with fluid-like particles A61G7/05746fluidised by air flow A61G7/05753air-evacuated A61G7/05761where patient is supported on a free, unbounded, film or cushion of air A61G7/05769with inflatable chambers A61G7/05776with at least two groups of alternately inflated chambers A61G7/065Rests specially adapted therefor A61G7/07for the head or torso A61G7/072for the head only A61G7/075for the limbs A61G7/0755for the legs or feet A61G7/08Apparatus for transporting beds A61G7/10Devices for lifting patients or disabled persons A61G7/1001specially adapted for specific applications A61G7/1003mounted on or in combination with a bath-tub A61G7/1005mounted on, or in combination with, a swimming-pool A61G7/1007mounted on or in combination with a toilet A61G7/1009Buttock lifting device for placing bed-pans under patients A61G7/1011Picking up from the floor A61G7/1013Lifting of patients by A61G7/1015Cables, chains or cords A61G7/1017Pivoting arms A61G7/1019Vertical extending columns or mechanisms A61G7/1021Inflatable cushions A61G7/1023Slings used manually A61G7/1025Lateral movement of patients A61G7/1026Sliding sheets or mats A61G7/1028by a support moving on air cushion A61G7/103Transfer boards A61G7/1032Endless belts A61G7/1034Rollers, rails or other means A61G7/1036facilitating loading and unloading of the patient A61G7/1038Manual lifting aids A61G7/104Devices carried or supported by A61G7/1042Rail systems A61G7/1044Stationary fixed means A61G7/1046Mobile bases A61G7/1048having auxiliary drive means A61G7/1049Attachment, suspending or supporting means for patients A61G7/1051Flexible harnesses or slings A61G7/1053Rigid harnesses A61G7/1055Suspended platforms, frames or sheets for patient in lying position A61G7/1057Supported platforms, frames or sheets for patient in lying position A61G7/1059Seats A61G7/1061Yokes A61G7/1063Safety means A61G7/1065with electronic monitoring A61G7/1067for adjustable bases A61G7/1069for quick release A61G7/1071using redundant drives A61G7/1073Parts, details or accessories A61G7/1074Devices foldable for storage A61G7/1076Means for rotating around a vertical axis A61G7/1078Clamps for flexible harnesses A61G7/108Weighing means A61G7/1082Rests specially adapted for A61G7/1084Head or neck A61G7/1086Upper body A61G7/1088Back A61G7/109Lower body A61G7/1092the arms A61G7/1094Hand or wrist A61G7/1096Knee, upper or lower leg A61G7/1098Ankle or foot A61G7/16converting a lying surface into a chair