Brushes characterized by their functions, uses or applications


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  • A46B2200/00
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Sub Industries

A46B2200/01Disposable brush A46B2200/10For human or animal care A46B2200/1006Brushes for cleaning the hand or the human body A46B2200/1013Brushes for cleaning fingers or finger nails A46B2200/102Brush specifically designed for massaging the skin or scalp A46B2200/1026Gum massaging brush A46B2200/1033Brush for applying or spreading shaving foam or soap A46B2200/104Hair brush A46B2200/1046Brush used for applying cosmetics A46B2200/1053Cosmetics applicator specifically for mascara A46B2200/106Cosmetics applicator specifically for mascara including comb like element A46B2200/1066Toothbrush for cleaning the teeth or dentures A46B2200/1073Denture toothbrush A46B2200/108Inter-dental toothbrush A46B2200/1086Toothbrush for cleaning animal teeth specifically A46B2200/1093Brush for use on animal A46B2200/20Brushes for applying products to surfaces in general A46B2200/202Applicator paint brush A46B2200/205Artist paint brush A46B2200/207Food brush A46B2200/30Brushes for cleaning or polishing A46B2200/3006Brushes for cleaning bottles or hollow containers A46B2200/3013Brushes for cleaning the inside or the outside of tubes A46B2200/302Broom A46B2200/3026Dusting brush A46B2200/3033Household brush A46B2200/304Lavatory brush A46B2200/3046Brushes for cleaning cars or parts thereof A46B2200/3053Clothes brush A46B2200/306Shoe cleaning or polishing brush A46B2200/3066Brush specifically designed for use with street cleaning machinery A46B2200/3073Brush for cleaning specific unusual places not otherwise covered A46B2200/308Curling brooms A46B2200/3086Brushes for polishing A46B2200/3093Brush with abrasive properties A46B2200/40Other application A46B2200/405Brush used for purposes that are not conventional brushing