Cable fittings


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  • H02G15/00
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Sub Industries

H02G15/003Filling materials H02G15/007Devices for relieving mechanical stress H02G15/013Sealing means for cable inlets H02G15/02Cable terminations H02G15/025for coaxial cables or hollow conductors H02G15/04Cable-end sealings H02G15/043with end caps H02G15/046with bores or protruding portions allowing passage of cable conductors H02G15/06Cable terminating boxes, frames, or other structures H02G15/064with devices for relieving electrical stress H02G15/068connected to the cable shield only H02G15/072of the condenser type H02G15/076for multi-conductor cables H02G15/08Cable junctions H02G15/085for coaxial cables or hollow conductors H02G15/10protected by boxes H02G15/103with devices for relieving electrical stress H02G15/105connected to the cable shield only H02G15/1055with cross-bonding of cable shields H02G15/107of the condenser type H02G15/113Boxes split longitudinally in main cable direction H02G15/115Boxes split perpendicularly to main cable direction H02G15/117for multiconductor cables H02G15/12for incorporating transformers, loading coils or amplifiers H02G15/14specially adapted for submarine cables H02G15/16structurally associated with support for line-connecting terminals within the box H02G15/18protected by sleeves H02G15/1806Heat shrinkable sleeves H02G15/1813Wraparound or slotted sleeves H02G15/182held in expanded condition in radial direction prior to installation H02G15/1826on a removable hollow core H02G15/1833formed of helically wound strip with adjacent windings, which are removable by applying a pulling force to a strip end H02G15/184with devices for relieving electrical stress H02G15/188connected to a cable shield only H02G15/192with support means for ends of the sleeves H02G15/196having lapped insulation H02G15/20Cable fittings for cables filled with or surrounded by gas or oil H02G15/205for coaxial cables H02G15/22Cable terminations H02G15/23Cable-end sealings H02G15/24Cable junctions H02G15/25Stop junctions H02G15/26Expansion vessels Locking heads Auxiliary pipe-lines H02G15/28structurally associated with devices for indicating the presence or location of non-electric faults H02G15/30with devices for relieving electrical stress H02G15/32Cable inlets H02G15/34Cable fittings for cryogenic cables