Cleaning of vehicles


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B60S1/02Cleaning windscreens, windows or optical devices B60S1/023including defroster or demisting means B60S1/026using electrical means B60S1/04Wipers or the like B60S1/0402completely or partially concealed in a cavity B60S1/0405the cavity being equipped with a movable cover B60S1/0408Means for influencing the aerodynamic quality of wipers B60S1/0411the windscreens, windows or optical devices being movable with respect to fixed wipers B60S1/0413Modular wiper assembly B60S1/0416including other vehicle fittings B60S1/0419the support structure being integrally molded B60S1/0422having a separate transverse element B60S1/0425characterised by the attachment of the wiper shaft holders to the transverse element B60S1/0427characterised by the attachment of the wiper motor holder to the transverse element B60S1/043Attachment of the wiper assembly to the vehicle B60S1/0433Attachement of a wiper modular assembly to the vehicle B60S1/0436Attachement of separate wiper shaft holders to the vehicle B60S1/0438Attachement of separate wiper motor assembly to the vehicle B60S1/0441characterised by the attachment means B60S1/0444comprising vibration or noise absorbing means B60S1/0447non-screw fixation, ( B60S1/045having a pre-attachment device ( B60S1/0452Position of the wipers relative to the vehicle B60S1/0455Device for lifting the wipers off the screen in its parking position or at extremes of wipe B60S1/0458Arrangement wherein the windscreen frame cooperates with the wipers B60S1/0461Arrangement of the side pillars B60S1/0463Arrangement of the cow B60S1/0466Arrangement of wipers on openable windows B60S1/0469Devices for assisting the wiper positioning on the vehicle B60S1/0472Arrangement of the wipers on right or left-hand drive vehicles B60S1/0475Cleaning of wiper blades B60S1/0477Arrangement for deicing or for removing debris from wiper blades B60S1/048with a heating device for the wiper parking position B60S1/0483the cleaning device being separated from the vehicle B60S1/0486the cleaning device being integrated with the vehicle B60S1/0488Wiper arrangement for crash protection or impact absorption B60S1/0491Additional elements being fixed on wipers or parts of wipers not otherwise provided for B60S1/0494Wipers actuated by wind force only B60S1/0497Wiper units as items separate from vehicle B60S1/06characterised by the drive B60S1/08electrically driven B60S1/0803Intermittent control circuits B60S1/0807using electronic control means B60S1/0811combined with mechanical control means B60S1/0814using several drive motors; motor synchronisation circuits B60S1/0818including control systems responsive to external conditions B60S1/0822characterized by the arrangement or type of detection means B60S1/0825Capacitive rain sensor B60S1/0829Oscillator-resonator rain sensor B60S1/0833Optical rain sensor B60S1/0837with a particular arrangement of the optical elements B60S1/084including a hologram B60S1/0844including a camera B60S1/0848Cleaning devices for cameras on vehicle B60S1/0851Resistive rain sensor B60S1/0855Ultrasonic rain sensor B60S1/0859Other types of detection of rain B60S1/0862including additional sensors B60S1/0866including a temperature sensor B60S1/087including an ambient light sensor B60S1/0874characterized by the position of the sensor on the windshield B60S1/0877at least part of the sensor being positioned between layers of the windshield B60S1/0881characterized by the attachment means on the windshield B60S1/0885the sensor being integrated in a rear-view mirror module B60S1/0888characterized by the attachment of the elements in a unit B60S1/0892Testing and production of rain sensors B60S1/0896including control systems responsive to a vehicle driving condition B60S1/10pneumatically driven B60S1/105with means for stopping or setting the wipers at their limit of movement B60S1/12hydraulically driven B60S1/125with means for stopping or setting the wipers at their limit of movement B60S1/14personally driven B60S1/16Means for transmitting drive B60S1/163with means for stopping or setting the wipers at their limit of movement B60S1/166characterised by the combination of a motor-reduction unit and a mechanism for converting rotary into oscillatory movement B60S1/18mechanically B60S1/185with means for stopping or setting the wipers at their limit of movement B60S1/20by cable drives by flexible shafts B60S1/22by rotary cams B60S1/24by rotary cranks B60S1/245with particular rod arrangements between the motor driven axle and the wiper arm axle B60S1/26by toothed gearing B60S1/28characterised by a plurality of wipers B60S1/30arranged both outside and inside B60S1/32characterised by constructional features of wiper blade arms or blades B60S1/34Wiper arms Mountings therefor B60S1/3402with means for obtaining particular wiping patterns B60S1/3404the wiper blades being moved substantially parallel with themselves B60S1/3406the wiper blades being rotated with respect to the wiper arms around an axis perpendicular to the wiped field B60S1/3409the wiper arms consisting of two or more articulated elements B60S1/3411with means for varying wiper-blade pressure on windshield during operation B60S1/3413with means for holding the arm off the glass in an intermediate position between the working position and the fully folded back position B60S1/3415with means for supplying cleaning fluid to windscreen cleaners B60S1/3418with means for additionally adjusting the wiper arm working position with respect to the surface to be wiped B60S1/342with means for temporarily uncoupling the wiper arm from the drive B60S1/3422Means arranged in the wiper structure to lift the arm at extremes of wipe B60S1/3425Constructional aspects of the arm B60S1/3427Arm piece, link piece and mounting head formed as one element B60S1/3429Arm pieces B60S1/3431Link pieces B60S1/3434Manufacturing details thereof B60S1/3436Mounting heads B60S1/3438Manufacturing details thereof B60S1/344Flat-type mounting heads B60S1/3443Wiper shafts B60S1/3445Joints between elements B60S1/3447the elements being an arm piece and a link piece B60S1/345the elements being a link piece and a mounting head B60S1/3452the joint being a snap fit pivot joint B60S1/3454the joint being at end of mounting head furthest away from blade B60S1/3456Locks or stays for holding arms in fully folded back position B60S1/3459the element being a mounting head and a shaft B60S1/3461with means to adjust the orientation of the head relative to shaft B60S1/3463Means to press blade onto screen B60S1/3465with coil springs B60S1/3468Mountings therefor B60S1/347with adjustment means to adjust wiping pressure B60S1/3472with adjustment means to keep wiping pressure constant B60S1/3475with blade or leaf springs B60S1/3477with elastomeric or rubber springs B60S1/3479Means to cover the wiper parts B60S1/3481for mounting head B60S1/3484integral with arm or link piece B60S1/3486Means to allow blade to follow curvature of the screen ( B60S1/3488Means for mounting wiper arms onto the vehicle B60S1/349Means for mounting the wiper bearing to the vehicle body B60S1/3493Means for mounting the wiper shaft in the wiper bearing B60S1/3495Means for mounting the drive mechanism to the wiper shaft B60S1/3497Additional means for guiding the blade other than the arm or blade joint B60S1/36Variable-length arms B60S1/365the effective length being automatically varied during angular oscillation of the arm B60S1/38Wiper blades B60S1/3801characterised by a blade support harness consisting of several articulated elements B60S1/3803heated wiper blades B60S1/3805electrically B60S1/3806Means, or measures taken, for influencing the aerodynamic quality of the wiper blades B60S1/3808Spoiler integral with the squeegee B60S1/381Spoilers mounted on the squeegee or on the vertebra B60S1/3848Flat-type wiper blade B60S1/3849Connectors therefor; Connection to wiper arm; Attached to blade B60S1/3851Mounting of connector to blade assembly B60S1/3853Snap-fit B60S1/3855by welding, gluing or the like B60S1/3856Gripping the blade B60S1/3858with protrusions cooperating with holes B60S1/386made in two halves B60S1/3862Transport of liquid there through B60S1/3863Connectors having a spoiler B60S1/3865Connectors having an integral pivot pin for connection with the wiper arm B60S1/3867pin formed on the interior of side walls B60S1/3868pin formed on the exterior of side walls B60S1/387the connector being suitable for receiving different types of adapter B60S1/3872without connector B60S1/3874with a reinforcing vertebra B60S1/3875rectangular section B60S1/3877embedded in the squeegee B60S1/3879placed in side grooves in the squeegee B60S1/3881in additional element B60S1/3882C-shape section B60S1/3884Wire-shaped section B60S1/3886End caps B60S1/3887Mounting of end caps B60S1/3889cooperating with holes in the vertebra B60S1/3891with locking device B60S1/3893cooperating with holes in the squeegee B60S1/3894having a particular shape B60S1/3896with openings at the longitudinal extremities B60S1/40Connections between blades and arms B60S1/4003Multi-purpose connections for two or more kinds of arm ends B60S1/4006for arms provided with a hook-shaped end B60S1/4009comprising a detachable intermediate element mounted on the hook-shaped end B60S1/4016the element being provided with retention means co-operating with the hook-shaped end of the arm B60S1/4019the retention means being protrusions or holes B60S1/4038for arms provided with a channel-shaped end B60S1/4041the channel-shaped end comprising a pivot pin mounted between the side walls B60S1/4045comprising a detachable intermediate element mounted on the channel-shaped end B60S1/4048the element being provided with retention means co-operating with the channel-shaped end of the arm B60S1/4064the channel-shaped end being provided with protrusions on, or holes in, the side walls to create a pivot B60S1/4067for arms provided with a side pin B60S1/407with means provided on the arm for locking the side pin B60S1/4074with means provided on the blade for locking the side pin B60S1/4077characterised by the connecting part of, or an intermediate element mounted on, the wiper blade B60S1/4083for arms provided with a flat end B60S1/4087the end being provided with protrusions or holes B60S1/42resilient B60S1/44the wiper blades having other than swinging movement B60S1/46using liquid Windscreen washers B60S1/48Liquid supply therefor B60S1/481the operation of at least part of the liquid supply being controlled by electric means B60S1/482combined with the operation of windscreen wipers B60S1/483using a supply pump driven by the windscreen-wiper motor B60S1/485including control systems responsive to external conditions B60S1/486including control systems responsive to a vehicle driving condition B60S1/487the liquid being heated B60S1/488electrically B60S1/50Arrangement of reservoir B60S1/52Arrangement of nozzles; Liquid spreading means B60S1/522moving liquid spreading means B60S1/524arranged in wiper blades B60S1/526according to vehicle movement characteristics B60S1/528the spreading means being moved between a rest position and a working position B60S1/54using gas B60S1/542using wiping devices B60S1/544moving gas spreading means B60S1/546arranged in wiper blades B60S1/548according to vehicle movement characteristics B60S1/56specially adapted for cleaning other parts or devices than front windows or windscreens B60S1/563for registration, licensing or like devices B60S1/566including wiping devices B60S1/58for rear windows B60S1/583including wiping devices B60S1/586including defroster or demisting means B60S1/60for signalling devices B60S1/603the operation of at least a part of the cleaning means being controlled by electric means B60S1/606combined with the operation of windscreen or front window cleaning means B60S1/62Other vehicle fittings for cleaning B60S1/64for cleaning vehicle interiors B60S1/66for cleaning vehicle exterior B60S1/68for freeing wheels or tyres from foreign matter B60S1/685for two-wheeled vehicles