Coatings on glass


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  • C03C2217/00
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Sub Industries

C03C2217/20Materials for coating a single layer on glass C03C2217/21Oxides C03C2217/211SnO2 C03C2217/212TiO2 C03C2217/213SiO2 C03C2217/214Al2O3 C03C2217/215In2O3 C03C2217/216ZnO C03C2217/217FeOx, CoOx, NiOx C03C2217/218V2O5, Nb2O5, Ta2O5 C03C2217/219CrOx, MoOx, WOx C03C2217/22ZrO2 C03C2217/228Other specific oxides C03C2217/229Non-specific enumeration C03C2217/23Mixtures C03C2217/231In2O3/SnO2 C03C2217/232CdO/SnO2 C03C2217/24Doped oxides C03C2217/241with halides C03C2217/242with rare earth metals C03C2217/243with S, Se, Te C03C2217/244with Sb C03C2217/25Metals C03C2217/251Al, Cu, Mg or noble metals C03C2217/252Al C03C2217/253Cu C03C2217/254Noble metals C03C2217/255Au C03C2217/256Ag C03C2217/257Refractory metals C03C2217/258Ti, Zr, Hf C03C2217/259V, Nb, Ta C03C2217/26Cr, Mo, W C03C2217/261Iron-group metals C03C2217/262Light metals other than Al C03C2217/263Metals other than noble metals, Cu or Hg C03C2217/268Other specific metals C03C2217/269Non-specific enumeration C03C2217/27Mixtures of metals, alloys C03C2217/28Other inorganic materials C03C2217/281Nitrides C03C2217/282Carbides, silicides C03C2217/283Borides, phosphides C03C2217/284Halides C03C2217/285Fluorides C03C2217/286Chlorides C03C2217/287Chalcogenides C03C2217/288Sulfides C03C2217/289Selenides, tellurides C03C2217/29Mixtures C03C2217/40Coatings comprising at least one inhomogeneous layer C03C2217/42consisting of particles only C03C2217/425consisting of a porous layer C03C2217/43consisting of a dispersed phase in a continuous phase C03C2217/44characterized by the composition of the continuous phase C03C2217/445Organic continuous phases C03C2217/45Inorganic continuous phases C03C2217/452Glass C03C2217/46characterized by the dispersed phase C03C2217/465having a specific shape C03C2217/47consisting of a specific material C03C2217/475Inorganic materials C03C2217/476Tin oxide or doped tin oxide C03C2217/477Titanium oxide C03C2217/478Silica C03C2217/479Metals C03C2217/48having a specific function C03C2217/485Pigments C03C2217/70Properties of coatings C03C2217/71Photocatalytic coatings C03C2217/72Decorative coatings C03C2217/73Anti-reflective coatings with specific characteristics C03C2217/732made of a single layer C03C2217/734comprising an alternation of high and low refractive indexes C03C2217/74UV-absorbing coatings C03C2217/75Hydrophilic and oleophilic coatings C03C2217/76Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings C03C2217/77Coatings having a rough surface C03C2217/775to provide anti-slip characteristics C03C2217/78Coatings specially designed to be durable C03C2217/90Other aspects of coatings C03C2217/91Coatings containing at least one layer having a composition gradient through its thickness C03C2217/92Coating of crystal glass C03C2217/93Coatings containing a reinforcement comprising fibers or grids C03C2217/94Transparent conductive oxide layers [TCO] being part of a multilayer coating C03C2217/944Layers comprising zinc oxide C03C2217/948Layers comprising indium tin oxide [ITO]