Constructional details of operational features of apparatus Accessories for medical measuring apparatus


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  • A61B2560/00
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Sub Industries

A61B2560/02Operational features A61B2560/0204of power management A61B2560/0209adapted for power saving A61B2560/0214of power generation or supply A61B2560/0219of externally powered implanted units A61B2560/0223of calibration A61B2560/0228using calibration standards A61B2560/0233Optical standards A61B2560/0238Means for recording calibration data A61B2560/0242adapted to measure environmental factors A61B2560/0247for compensation or correction of the measured physiological value A61B2560/0252using ambient temperature A61B2560/0257using atmospheric pressure A61B2560/0261using hydrostatic pressure A61B2560/0266for monitoring or limiting apparatus function A61B2560/0271using a remote monitoring unit A61B2560/0276Determining malfunction A61B2560/028Arrangements to prevent overuse A61B2560/0285Apparatus for single use A61B2560/029adapted for auto-initiation A61B2560/0295adapted for recording user messages or annotations A61B2560/04Constructional details of apparatus A61B2560/0406specially shaped apparatus housings A61B2560/0412Low-profile patch shaped housings A61B2560/0418Pen-shaped housings A61B2560/0425Ergonomically shaped housings A61B2560/0431Portable apparatus A61B2560/0437Trolley or cart-type apparatus A61B2560/0443Modular apparatus A61B2560/045with a separable interface unit A61B2560/0456Apparatus provided with a docking unit A61B2560/0462Apparatus with built-in sensors A61B2560/0468Built-in electrodes A61B2560/0475Special features of memory means A61B2560/0481in implanted apparatus A61B2560/0487Special user inputs or interfaces A61B2560/0493controlled by voice A61B2560/06Accessories for medical measuring apparatus A61B2560/063Devices specially adapted for delivering implantable medical measuring apparatus A61B2560/066catheters therefor