Constructional parts, details or accessories not provided for in the preceding groups


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  • G11B33/00
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Sub Industries

G11B33/005Means for locking the disc or cassette receiving slot G11B33/02Cabinets Cases Stands Disposition of apparatus therein or thereon G11B33/022Cases G11B33/025Portable cases G11B33/027Covers G11B33/04modified to store record carriers G11B33/0405for storing discs G11B33/0411Single disc boxes G11B33/0416for disc cartridges G11B33/0422for discs without cartridge G11B33/0427comprising centre hole locking means G11B33/0433Multiple disc containers G11B33/0438for disc cartridges G11B33/0444for discs without cartridge G11B33/045comprising centre hole locking means G11B33/0455for single disc boxes G11B33/0461Disc storage racks G11B33/0466for disc cartridges G11B33/0472for discs without cartridge G11B33/0477comprising centre hole locking means G11B33/0483for single disc boxes G11B33/0488in boxes or containers comprising additional sound reproducing or activating means G11B33/0494packages made by folding G11B33/06combined with other apparatus having a different main function G11B33/08Insulation or absorption of undesired vibrations or sounds G11B33/10Indicating arrangements Warning arrangements G11B33/12Disposition of constructional parts in the apparatus G11B33/121the apparatus comprising a single recording/reproducing device G11B33/122Arrangements for providing electrical connections G11B33/123Mounting arrangements of constructional parts onto a chassis G11B33/124of the single recording/reproducing device G11B33/125the apparatus comprising a plurality of recording/reproducing devices G11B33/126Arrangements for providing electrical connections G11B33/127Mounting arrangements of constructional parts onto a chassis G11B33/128of the plurality of recording/reproducing devices G11B33/14Reducing influence of physical parameters G11B33/1406Reducing the influence of the temperature G11B33/1413by fluid cooling G11B33/142by air cooling G11B33/1426by cooling plates G11B33/1433by reducing the effects of the thermal expansion G11B33/144by detection, control, regulation of the temperature G11B33/1446Reducing contamination G11B33/1453by moisture G11B33/146constructional details of filters G11B33/1466sealing gaskets G11B33/1473of/from bearings G11B33/148Reducing friction, adhesion, drag G11B33/1486Control/regulation of the pressure G11B33/1493Electro-Magnetic Interference [EMI] or Radio Frequency Interference [RFI] shielding; grounding of static charges