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H01H1/0015Means for testing or for inspecting contacts H01H1/0036Switches making use of microelectromechanical systems [MEMS] H01H1/0094Switches making use of nanoelectromechanical systems [NEMS] H01H1/02characterised by the material thereof H01H1/0201Materials for reed contacts H01H1/0203specially adapted for vacuum switches H01H1/0206containing as major components Cu and Cr H01H1/021Composite materials H01H1/023having a noble metal as the basic material H01H1/0231provided with a solder layer H01H1/0233and containing carbides H01H1/0237and containing oxides H01H1/02372containing as major components one or more oxides of the following elements only : Cd, Sn, Zn, In, Bi, Sb or Te H01H1/02374containing as major component CdO H01H1/02376containing as major component SnO2 H01H1/025having copper as the basic material H01H1/027containing carbon particels or fibers H01H1/029comprising conducting material dispersed in an elastic support or binding material H01H1/04Co-operating contacts of different material H01H1/06characterised by the shape or structure of the contact-making surface H01H1/065formed by freely suspended particles H01H1/08wetted with mercury H01H1/10Laminated contacts with divided contact surface H01H1/12characterised by the manner in which co-operating contacts engage H01H1/14by abutting H01H1/16by rolling by wrapping Roller or ball contacts H01H1/18with subsequent sliding H01H1/20Bridging contacts H01H1/2008Facilitate mounting or replacing contact bridge and pressure spring on carrier H01H1/2016in which the two contact pairs commutate at substantially different moments H01H1/2025comprising two-parallel bridges H01H1/2041Rotating bridge H01H1/205Details concerning the elastic mounting of the rotating bridge in the rotor H01H1/2058Rotating bridge being assembled in a cassette, which can be placed as a complete unit into a circuit breaker H01H1/2066Fork-shaped bridge; Two transversally connected contact arms bridging two fixed contacts H01H1/2075T-shaped bridge; bridging contact has lateral arm for mounting resiliently or on a pivot H01H1/2083Bridging contact surfaces directed at an oblique angle with respect to the movement of the bridge H01H1/22with rigid pivoted member carrying the moving contact H01H1/221and a contact pressure spring acting between the pivoted member and a supporting member H01H1/225the supporting member being pivotable H01H1/226having a plurality of parallel contact bars H01H1/24with resilient mounting H01H1/242the contact forming a part of a coil spring H01H1/245Spring wire contacts H01H1/26with spring blade support H01H1/28Assembly of three or more contact-supporting spring blades H01H1/30within supporting guides H01H1/32Self-aligning contacts H01H1/34with provision for adjusting position of contact relative to its co-operating contact H01H1/36by sliding H01H1/365Bridging contacts H01H1/38Plug-and-socket contacts H01H1/385Contact arrangements for high voltage gas blast circuit breakers H01H1/40Contact mounted so that its contact-making surface is flush with adjoining insulation H01H1/403Contacts forming part of a printed circuit H01H1/42Knife-and-clip contacts H01H1/44with resilient mounting H01H1/46Self-aligning contacts H01H1/48with provision for adjusting position of contact relative to its co-operating contact H01H1/50Means for increasing contact pressure, preventing vibration of contacts, holding contacts together after engagement, or biasing contacts to the open position H01H1/502the action of the contact pressure spring becoming active only after engagement of the contacts H01H1/504by thermal means H01H1/52Contacts adapted to act as latches H01H1/54by magnetic force H01H1/56Contact arrangements for providing make-before-break operation H01H1/58Electric connections to or between contacts Terminals H01H1/5805Connections to printed circuits H01H1/5822Flexible connections between movable contact and terminal H01H1/5833comprising an articulating, sliding or rolling contact between movable contact and terminal H01H1/5844making use of wire-gripping clips or springs H01H1/585and piercing the wire insulation H01H1/5855characterised by the use of a wire clamping screw or nut H01H1/5866characterised by the use of a plug and socket connector H01H1/60Auxiliary means structurally associated with the switch for cleaning or lubricating contact-making surfaces H01H1/605Cleaning of contact-making surfaces by relatively high voltage pulses H01H1/62Heating or cooling of contacts H01H1/64Protective enclosures, baffle plates, or screens for contacts H01H1/645containing getter material H01H1/66Contacts sealed in an evacuated or gas-filled envelope