Control of position, course or altitude of land, water, air, or space vehicles


  • CPC
  • G05D1/00
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Sub Industries

G05D1/0005with arrangements to save energy G05D1/0011associated with a remote control arrangement G05D1/0016characterised by the operator's input device G05D1/0022characterised by the communication link G05D1/0027involving a plurality of vehicles G05D1/0033by having the operator tracking the vehicle either by direct line of sight or via one or more cameras located remotely from the vehicle G05D1/0038by providing the operator with simple or augmented images from one or more cameras located onboard the vehicle G05D1/0044by providing the operator with a computer generated representation of the environment of the vehicle G05D1/005by providing the operator with signals other than visual G05D1/0055with safety arrangements G05D1/0061for transition from automatic pilot to manual pilot and vice versa G05D1/0066for limitation of acceleration or stress G05D1/0072to counteract a motor failure G05D1/0077using redundant signals or controls G05D1/0083to help an aircraft pilot in the rolling phase G05D1/0088characterized by the autonomous decision making process G05D1/0094involving pointing a payload G05D1/02Control of position or course in two dimensions G05D1/0202specially adapted to aircraft G05D1/0204to counteract a sudden perturbation G05D1/0206specially adapted to water vehicles G05D1/0208dynamic anchoring G05D1/021specially adapted to land vehicles G05D1/0212with means for defining a desired trajectory G05D1/0214in accordance with safety or protection criteria G05D1/0217in accordance with energy consumption, time reduction or distance reduction criteria G05D1/0219ensuring the processing of the whole working surface G05D1/0221involving a learning process G05D1/0223involving speed control of the vehicle G05D1/0225involving docking at a fixed facility G05D1/0227using mechanical sensing means G05D1/0229in combination with fixed guiding means G05D1/0231using optical position detecting means G05D1/0234using optical markers or beacons G05D1/0236in combination with a laser G05D1/0238using obstacle or wall sensors G05D1/024in combination with a laser G05D1/0242using non-visible light signals G05D1/0244using reflecting strips G05D1/0246unsing a video camera in combination with image processing means G05D1/0248in combination with a laser G05D1/0251extracting 3D information from a plurality of images taken from different locations G05D1/0253extracting relative motion information from a plurality of images taken successively G05D1/0255using acoustic signals G05D1/0257using a radar G05D1/0259using magnetic or electromagnetic means G05D1/0261using magnetic plots G05D1/0263using magnetic strips G05D1/0265using buried wires G05D1/0268using internal positioning means G05D1/027comprising intertial navigation means G05D1/0272comprising means for registering the travel distance G05D1/0274using mapping information stored in a memory device G05D1/0276using signals provided by a source external to the vehicle G05D1/0278using satellite positioning signals G05D1/028using a RF signal G05D1/0282generated in a local control room G05D1/0285using signals transmitted via a public communication network G05D1/0287involving a plurality of land vehicles G05D1/0289with means for avoiding collisions between vehicles G05D1/0291Fleet control G05D1/0293Convoy travelling G05D1/0295by at least one leading vehicle of the fleet G05D1/0297by controlling means in a control room G05D1/03using near-field transmission systems G05D1/04Control of altitude or depth G05D1/042specially adapted for aircraft G05D1/044during banks G05D1/046to counteract a perturbation G05D1/048specially adapted for water vehicles G05D1/06Rate of change of altitude or depth G05D1/0607specially adapted for aircraft G05D1/0615to counteract a perturbation G05D1/0623by acting on the pitch G05D1/063by acting on the motors G05D1/0638by combined action on the pitch and on the motors G05D1/0646to follow the profile of undulating ground G05D1/0653during a phase of take-off or landing G05D1/0661specially adapted for take-off G05D1/0669specially adapted for vertical take-off G05D1/0676specially adapted for landing G05D1/0684on a moving platform G05D1/0692specially adapted for under-water vehicles G05D1/08Control of attitude G05D1/0808specially adapted for aircraft G05D1/0816to ensure stability G05D1/0825using mathematical models G05D1/0833using limited authority control G05D1/0841to prevent a coupling between different modes G05D1/085to ensure coordination between different movements G05D1/0858specially adapted for vertical take-off of aircraft G05D1/0866specially adapted to captive aircraft G05D1/0875specially adapted to water vehicles G05D1/0883specially adapted for space vehicles G05D1/0891specially adapted for land vehicles G05D1/10Simultaneous control of position or course in three dimensions G05D1/101specially adapted for aircraft G05D1/102specially adapted for vertical take-off of aircraft G05D1/104involving a plurality of aircrafts G05D1/105specially adapted for unpowered flight G05D1/107specially adapted for missiles G05D1/108animated with a rolling movement G05D1/12Target-seeking control