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  • F16D

Sub Industries

F16D1/00Couplings for rigidly connecting two coaxial shafts or other movable machine elements F16D11/00Clutches in which the members have interengaging parts F16D13/00Friction clutches F16D15/00Clutches with wedging balls or rollers or with other wedgeable separate clutching members F16D17/00Clutches in which the drive is transmitted solely by virtue of the eccentricity of the contacting surfaces of clutch members which fit one around the other F16D19/00Clutches with mechanically-actuated clutching members not otherwise provided for F16D21/00Systems comprising a plurality of actuated clutches F16D2121/00Type of actuator operation force F16D2123/00Multiple operation forces F16D2125/00Components of actuators F16D2127/00Auxiliary mechanisms F16D2129/00Type of operation source for auxiliary mechanisms F16D2131/00Overall arrangement of the actuators or their elements F16D2200/00Materials Production methods therefor F16D2250/00Manufacturing Assembly F16D23/00Details of mechanically-actuated clutches not specific for one distinct type F16D2300/00Special features for couplings or clutches F16D25/00Fluid-actuated clutches F16D2500/00External control of clutches by electric or electronic means F16D27/00Magnetically- or electrically- actuated clutches Control or electric circuits therefor F16D28/00Electrically-actuated clutches F16D29/00Clutches and systems of clutches involving both fluid and magnetic actuation F16D3/00Yielding couplings F16D31/00Fluid couplings or clutches with pumping sets of the volumetric type F16D33/00Rotary fluid couplings or clutches of the hydro-kinetic type F16D35/00Fluid clutches in which the clutching is predominantly obtained by fluid adhesion F16D37/00Clutches in which the drive is transmitted through a medium consisting of small particles F16D39/00Combinations of couplings according to two or more of the groups F16D31/00 - F16D37/00 F16D41/00Freewheels or freewheel clutches F16D43/00Automatic clutches F16D45/00Freewheel or freewheel clutches combined with automatic clutches F16D47/00Systems of clutches, or clutches and couplings, comprising devices of types grouped under at least two of the preceding guide headings F16D48/00External control of clutches F16D49/00Brakes with a braking member co-operating with the periphery of a drum, wheel-rim, or the like F16D5/00Impulse couplings F16D51/00Brakes with outwardly-movable braking members co-operating with the inner surface of a drum or the like F16D53/00Brakes with braking members co-operating with both the periphery and the inner surface of a drum, wheel-rim, or the like F16D55/00Brakes with substantially-radial braking surfaces pressed together in axial direction F16D57/00Liquid-resistance brakes; Brakes using the internal friction of fluids or fluid-like media F16D59/00Self-acting brakes F16D61/00Brakes with means for making the energy absorbed available for use F16D63/00Brakes not otherwise provided for Brakes combining more than one of the types of groups F16D49/00 - F16D61/00 F16D65/00Parts or details F16D66/00Arrangements for monitoring working conditions F16D67/00Combinations of couplings and brakes Combinations of clutches and brakes F16D69/00Friction linings Attachment thereof Selection of coacting friction substances or surfaces F16D7/00Slip couplings F16D71/00Mechanisms for bringing members to rest in a predetermined position F16D9/00Couplings with safety member for disconnecting