Details of electromagnetic relays


  • CPC
  • H01H50/00
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Sub Industries

H01H50/002particular to three-phase electromagnetic relays H01H50/005using micromechanics H01H50/02Bases Casings Covers H01H50/021structurally combining a relay and an electronic component H01H50/023Details concerning sealing H01H50/026Details concerning isolation between driving and switching circuit H01H50/04Mounting complete relay or separate parts of relay on a base or inside a case H01H50/041Details concerning assembly of relays H01H50/042Different parts are assembled by insertion without extra mounting facilities like screws, in an isolated mounting part H01H50/043Details particular to miniaturised relays H01H50/045Details particular to contactors H01H50/047Details concerning mounting a relays H01H50/048Plug-in mounting or sockets H01H50/06having windows Transparent cases or covers H01H50/08Indicators Distinguishing marks H01H50/10Electromagnetic or electrostatic shielding H01H50/12Ventilating Cooling Heating H01H50/14Terminal arrangements H01H50/16Magnetic circuit arrangements H01H50/163Details concerning air-gaps H01H50/18Movable parts of magnetic circuits H01H50/20movable inside coil and substantially lengthwise with respect to axis thereof movable coaxially with respect to coil H01H50/22wherein the magnetic circuit is substantially closed H01H50/24Parts rotatable or rockable outside coil H01H50/26Parts movable about a knife edge H01H50/28Parts movable due to bending of a blade spring or reed H01H50/30Mechanical arrangements for preventing or damping vibration or shock H01H50/305damping vibration due to functional movement of armature H01H50/32Latching movable parts mechanically H01H50/321the mechanical latch being controlled directly by the magnetic flux or part of it H01H50/323for interlocking two or more relays H01H50/326with manual intervention H01H50/34Means for adjusting limits of movement Mechanical means for adjusting returning force H01H50/36Stationary parts of magnetic circuit H01H50/38Part of main magnetic circuit shaped to suppress arcing between the contacts of the relay H01H50/40Branched or multiple-limb main magnetic circuits H01H50/42Auxiliary magnetic circuits H01H50/44Magnetic coils or winding H01H50/443Connections to coils H01H50/46Short-circuited conducting sleeves, bands, or discs H01H50/54Contact arrangements H01H50/541Auxiliary contact devices H01H50/543Auxiliary switch inserting resistor during closure of contactor H01H50/545Self-contained, easily replaceable microswitches H01H50/546for contactors having bridging contacts H01H50/548for miniaturised relays H01H50/56Contact spring sets H01H50/58Driving arrangements structurally associated therewith Mounting of driving arrangements on armature H01H50/60moving contact being rigidly combined with movable part of magnetic circuit H01H50/62Co-operating movable contacts operated by seperate electrical actuating means H01H50/64Driving arrangements between movable part of magnetic circuit and contact H01H50/641intermediate part performing a rectilinear movement H01H50/642intermediate part being generally a slide plate H01H50/643intermediate part performing a rotating or pivoting movement H01H50/644having more than one rotating or pivoting part H01H50/645intermediate part making a resilient or flexible connection H01H50/646intermediate part being a blade spring H01H50/647intermediate part comprising interlocking means for different contact pairs H01H50/648intermediate part being rigidly combined with armature H01H50/66with lost motion H01H50/68with snap action H01H50/70operating contact momentarily during stroke of armature H01H50/72for mercury contact H01H50/74Mechanical means for producing a desired natural frequency of operation of the contacts H01H50/76using reed or blade spring H01H50/78using diaphragm using stretched wire or ribbon vibrating sideways H01H50/80using torsionally-vibrating member H01H50/82using spring-loaded pivoted inertia member H01H50/84with means for adjustment of frequency or of make-to-break ratio H01H50/86Means for introducing a predetermined time delay between the initiation of the switching operation and the opening or closing of the contacts H01H50/88Mechanical means H01H50/90the delay effective in both directions of operation H01H50/92Thermal means