Details of pavings


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  • E01C11/00
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Sub Industries

E01C11/005Methods or materials for repairing pavings E01C11/02Arrangement or construction of joints Methods of making joints Packing for joints E01C11/04for cement concrete paving E01C11/045specially adapted for prestressed paving E01C11/06Methods of making joints E01C11/08Packing of metal E01C11/10Packing of plastic or elastic materials E01C11/103Joints with packings prepared only in situ; Materials therefor E01C11/106Joints with only prefabricated packing; Packings therefor E01C11/12Packing of metal and plastic or elastic materials E01C11/123Joints with only metal and in situ prepared packing or filling E01C11/126Joints with only metal and prefabricated packing or filling E01C11/14Dowel assembly; Design or construction of reinforcements in the area of joints E01C11/16Reinforcements E01C11/165particularly for bituminous or rubber- or plastic-bound pavings E01C11/18for cement concrete pavings E01C11/185the reinforcements extending up to the surface E01C11/20for prestressed concrete pavings E01C11/22Gutters Kerbs ; Surface drainage of streets, roads or like traffic areas E01C11/221Kerbs or like edging members E01C11/222Raised kerbs E01C11/223Kerb-and-gutter structures; Kerbs with drainage openings channel or conduits E01C11/224Surface drainage of streets E01C11/225Paving specially adapted for through-the-surfacing drainage E01C11/226Coherent pavings E01C11/227Gutters; Channels ; Roof drainage discharge ducts set in sidewalks E01C11/228Gutters for porous pavings E01C11/229Shallow gutters E01C11/24Methods or arrangements for preventing slipperiness or protecting against influences of the weather E01C11/245for preventing ice formation or for loosening ice E01C11/26Permanently installed heating or blowing devices ; Mounting thereof E01C11/265Embedded electrical heating elements ; Mounting thereof