Details of sensors Constructional details of sensor housings or probes Accessories for sensors


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  • A61B2562/00
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Sub Industries

A61B2562/02Details of sensors specially adapted for in-vivo measurements A61B2562/0204Acoustic sensors A61B2562/0209Special features of electrodes classified in A61B5/04001, A61B5/0408, A61B5/042, A61B5/0478, A61B5/0492 or A61B5/053 A61B2562/0214Capacitive electrodes A61B2562/0219Inertial sensors A61B2562/0223Magnetic field sensors A61B2562/0228Microwave sensors A61B2562/0233Special features of optical sensors or probes classified in A61B5/00 A61B2562/0238Optical sensor arrangements for performing transmission measurements on body tissue A61B2562/0242for varying or adjusting the optical path length in the tissue A61B2562/0247Pressure sensors A61B2562/0252Load cells A61B2562/0257Proximity sensors A61B2562/0261Strain gauges A61B2562/0266Optical strain gauges A61B2562/0271Thermal or temperature sensors A61B2562/0276comprising a thermosensitive compound A61B2562/028Micro-scale sensors A61B2562/0285Nano-scale sensors A61B2562/029Humidity sensors A61B2562/0295Strip shaped analyte sensors for apparatus classified in A61B5/145 or A61B5/157 A61B2562/04Arrangements of multiple sensors of the same type A61B2562/043in a linear array A61B2562/046in a matrix array A61B2562/06Arrangements of multiple sensors of different types A61B2562/063in a linear array A61B2562/066in a matrix array A61B2562/08Sensors provided with means for identification A61B2562/085combined with means for recording calibration data A61B2562/12Manufacturing methods specially adapted for producing sensors for in-vivo measurements A61B2562/125characterised by the manufacture of electrodes A61B2562/14Coupling media or elements to improve sensor contact with skin or tissue A61B2562/143for coupling microwaves A61B2562/146for optical coupling A61B2562/16Details of sensor housings or probes Details of structural supports for sensors A61B2562/162Capsule shaped sensor housings A61B2562/164the sensor is mounted in or on a conformable substrate or carrier A61B2562/166the sensor is mounted on a specially adapted printed circuit board A61B2562/168Fluid filled sensor housings A61B2562/18Shielding or protection of sensors from environmental influences A61B2562/182Electrical shielding A61B2562/185Optical shielding A61B2562/187Strain relief means A61B2562/22Arrangements of medical sensors with cables or leads Connectors or couplings specifically adapted for medical sensors A61B2562/221Arrangements of sensors with cables or leads A61B2562/222Electrical cables or leads therefor A61B2562/223Optical cables therefor A61B2562/224Cables for conducting fluids therefor A61B2562/225Connectors or couplings A61B2562/226comprising means for identifying the connector A61B2562/227Sensors with electrical connectors A61B2562/228Sensors with optical connectors A61B2562/24Hygienic packaging for medical sensors Maintaining apparatus for sensor hygiene A61B2562/242Packaging A61B2562/245Means for cleaning the sensor in-situ or during use A61B2562/247Hygienic covers