Details relating to filtering apparatus


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  • B01D2201/00
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Sub Industries

B01D2201/02Filtering elements having a conical form B01D2201/04Supports for the filtering elements B01D2201/0407Perforated supports on both sides of the filtering element B01D2201/0415Details of supporting structures B01D2201/0423not in the inner side of the cylindrical filtering elements B01D2201/043Filter tubes connected to plates B01D2201/0438mounted substantially vertically on plates at the lower side of the filter elements B01D2201/0446suspended from plates at the upper side of the filter elements B01D2201/0453positioned between at least two plates B01D2201/0461Springs B01D2201/0469Filter tubes connected to collector tubes B01D2201/0476mounted substantially vertically on collector tubes at the lower side of the filter elements B01D2201/0484suspended from collector tubes at the upper side of the filter elements B01D2201/0492positioned between at least two collector tubes B01D2201/06Resilient foam as filtering element B01D2201/08Regeneration of the filter B01D2201/081using nozzles or suction devices B01D2201/082Suction devices placed on the cake side of the filtering element B01D2201/083Suction devices placed on the filtrate side of the filtering element B01D2201/084Nozzles placed on the filtrate side of the filtering element B01D2201/085using another chemical than the liquid to be filtered B01D2201/086using fluid streams co-current to the filtration direction B01D2201/087using gas bubbles B01D2201/088Arrangements for killing micro-organisms B01D2201/089using rollers having projections to clear the filter apertures B01D2201/10Filtration under gravity in large open drainage basins B01D2201/12Pleated filters B01D2201/122with pleats of different length B01D2201/125with non-parallel pleats B01D2201/127with means for keeping the spacing between the pleats B01D2201/14Particulate filter materials with a lower density than the liquid mixture to be filtered B01D2201/16Valves B01D2201/162with snap, latch or clip connecting means B01D2201/165Multi-way valves B01D2201/167Single-way valves B01D2201/18Filters characterised by the openings or pores B01D2201/182for depth filtration B01D2201/184Special form, dimension of the openings, pores of the filtering elements B01D2201/186Pore openings which can be modified B01D2201/188Multiple filtering elements having filtering areas of different size B01D2201/20Pressure-related systems for filters B01D2201/202Systems for applying pressure to filters B01D2201/204Systems for applying vacuum to filters B01D2201/206by the weight of the liquid in a tube B01D2201/208by venturi systems B01D2201/22Filtering bands with supporting discs B01D2201/24Tools used for the removal of filters B01D2201/26Transport systems for filtering devices B01D2201/265mounted on vehicles B01D2201/28Position of the filtering element B01D2201/282Filtering elements with a horizontal rotation or symmetry axis B01D2201/285Filtering elements with a symmetry axis not parallel to the rotation axis B01D2201/287Filtering elements with a vertical or inclined rotation or symmetry axis B01D2201/29Filter cartridge constructions B01D2201/291End caps B01D2201/293Making of end caps B01D2201/295with projections extending in a radial outward direction B01D2201/296Other than having a circular shape B01D2201/298End caps common to at least two filtering elements B01D2201/30Filter housing constructions B01D2201/301Details of removable closures, lids, caps, filter heads B01D2201/302having inlet or outlet ports B01D2201/303not arranged concentrically B01D2201/304Seals or gaskets B01D2201/305Snap, latch or clip connecting means B01D2201/306Closures, lids, caps or filter heads forming one element with the filtering element B01D2201/307Filtering elements contained in an insert body mounted in a filter housing (double casing) B01D2201/308Use of foils, membranes or other means to protect the filter before its use or for protecting the environment B01D2201/309Housings with transparent parts B01D2201/31Other construction details B01D2201/313Means for protecting the filter from the incoming fluid B01D2201/316Standpipes B01D2201/32Flow characteristics of the filter B01D2201/325Outward flow filtration B01D2201/34Seals or gaskets for filtering elements B01D2201/342Axial sealings B01D2201/345Pressurized seals or gaskets B01D2201/347Radial sealings B01D2201/36Filtering elements containing a rotating housing construction B01D2201/38Preventing rewetting of the filter cake on the filter media B01D2201/40Special measures for connecting different parts of the filter B01D2201/4007Use of cam or ramp systems B01D2201/4015Bayonet connecting means B01D2201/4023Means for connecting filter housings to supports B01D2201/403allowing dilatation B01D2201/4038for connecting at least two filtering elements together B01D2201/4046Means for avoiding false mounting of different parts B01D2201/4053using keys B01D2201/4061between a cartridge and a filter head or manifold B01D2201/4069Magnetic means B01D2201/4076Anti-rotational means B01D2201/4084Snap or Seeger ring connecting means B01D2201/4092Treated sections B01D2201/44Special measures allowing the even or uniform distribution of fluid along the length of a conduit B01D2201/46Several filtrate discharge conduits each connected to one filter element or group of filter elements B01D2201/48Overflow systems B01D2201/50Means for dissipating electrostatic charges B01D2201/52Filter identification means B01D2201/54Computerised or programmable systems B01D2201/56Wireless systems for monitoring the filter B01D2201/58Power supply means for regenerating the filter B01D2201/583using the kinetic energy of the fluid circulating in the filtering device B01D2201/586using regenerative sources B01D2201/60Shape of non-cylindrical filtering elements B01D2201/602Oval B01D2201/605Square or rectangular B01D2201/607Triangular B01D2201/62Honeycomb-like B01D2201/64Filters having floating elements