Diagnosis using ultrasonic, sonic or infrasonic waves


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  • A61B8/00
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Sub Industries

A61B8/02Measuring pulse or heart rate A61B8/04Measuring blood pressure A61B8/06Measuring blood flow A61B8/065to determine blood output from the heart A61B8/08Detecting organic movements or changes A61B8/0808for diagnosis of the brain A61B8/0816using echo-encephalography A61B8/0825for diagnosis of the breast A61B8/0833involving detecting or locating foreign bodies or organic structures A61B8/0841for locating instruments A61B8/085for locating body or organic structures A61B8/0858involving measuring tissue layers A61B8/0866involving foetal diagnosis; pre-natal or peri-natal diagnosis of the baby A61B8/0875for diagnosis of bone A61B8/0883for diagnosis of the heart A61B8/0891for diagnosis of blood vessels A61B8/10Eye inspection A61B8/12In body cavities or body tracts A61B8/13Tomography A61B8/14Echo-tomography A61B8/145characterised by scanning multiple planes A61B8/15Transmission-tomography A61B8/40Positioning of patients A61B8/403using compression means A61B8/406using means for diagnosing suspended breasts A61B8/42Details of probe positioning or probe attachment to the patient A61B8/4209by using holders A61B8/4218characterised by articulated arms A61B8/4227characterised by straps, belts, cuffs or braces A61B8/4236characterised by adhesive patches A61B8/4245involving determining the position of the probe A61B8/4254using sensors mounted on the probe A61B8/4263using sensors not mounted on the probe A61B8/4272involving the acoustic interface between the transducer and the tissue A61B8/4281characterised by sound-transmitting media or devices for coupling the transducer to the tissue A61B8/429characterised by determining or monitoring the contact between the transducer and the tissue A61B8/44Constructional features of the ultrasonic, sonic or infrasonic diagnostic device A61B8/4405Device being mounted on a trolley A61B8/4411Device being modular A61B8/4416related to combined acquisition of different diagnostic modalities A61B8/4422related to hygiene or sterilisation A61B8/4427Device being portable or laptop-like A61B8/4433involving a docking unit A61B8/4438Means for identifying the diagnostic device A61B8/4444related to the probe A61B8/445Details of catheter construction A61B8/4455Features of the external shape of the probe A61B8/4461Features of the scanning mechanism A61B8/4466involving deflection of the probe A61B8/4472Wireless probes A61B8/4477using several separate ultrasound transducers or probes A61B8/4483characterised by features of the ultrasound transducer A61B8/4488the transducer being a phased array A61B8/4494characterised by the arrangement of the transducer elements A61B8/46Ultrasonic, sonic or infrasonic diagnostic devices with special arrangements for interfacing with the operator or the patient A61B8/461Displaying means of special interest A61B8/462characterised by constructional features of the display A61B8/463characterised by displaying multiple images or images and diagnostic data on one display A61B8/464involving a plurality of displays A61B8/465adapted to display user selection data A61B8/466adapted to display 3D data A61B8/467characterised by special input means A61B8/468allowing annotation or message recording A61B8/469for selection of a region of interest A61B8/48Diagnostic techniques A61B8/481involving the use of contrast agent A61B8/483involving the acquisition of a 3D volume of data A61B8/485involving measuring strain or elastic properties A61B8/486involving arbitrary m-mode A61B8/488involving Doppler signals A61B8/52Devices using data or image processing specially adapted for diagnosis using ultrasonic, sonic or infrasonic waves A61B8/5207involving processing of raw data to produce diagnostic data A61B8/5215involving processing of medical diagnostic data A61B8/5223for extracting a diagnostic or physiological parameter from medical diagnostic data A61B8/523for generating planar views from image data in a user selectable plane not corresponding to the acquisition plane A61B8/5238for combining image data of patient A61B8/5246combining images from the same or different imaging techniques A61B8/5253combining overlapping images A61B8/5261combining images from different diagnostic modalities A61B8/5269involving detection or reduction of artifacts A61B8/5276due to motion A61B8/5284involving retrospective matching to a physiological signal A61B8/5292using additional data A61B8/54Control of the diagnostic device A61B8/543involving acquisition triggered by a physiological signal A61B8/546involving monitoring or regulation of device temperature A61B8/56Details of data transmission or power supply A61B8/565involving data transmission via a network A61B8/58Testing, adjusting or calibrating the diagnostic device A61B8/582Remote testing of the device A61B8/585Automatic set-up of the device A61B8/587Calibration phantoms