Distillation or related exchange processes in which liquids are contacted with gaseous media


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  • B01D3/00
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Sub Industries

B01D3/001Processes specially adapted for distillation or rectification of fermented solutions B01D3/002by continuous methods B01D3/003Rectification of spirit B01D3/004by continuous methods B01D3/005Combined distillation and rectification B01D3/006by vibration B01D3/007Energy recuperation; Heat pumps B01D3/008Liquid distribution B01D3/009in combination with chemical reactions B01D3/02in boilers or stills B01D3/04pipe stills B01D3/06Flash distillation B01D3/065Multiple-effect flash distillation (more than two traps) B01D3/08in rotating vessels Atomisation on rotating discs B01D3/085using a rotary evaporator B01D3/10Vacuum distillation B01D3/101Recirculation of the fluid used as fluid working medium in a vacuum creating device B01D3/103by using a barometric column B01D3/105with the use of an ejector for creating the vacuum, the ejector being placed between evaporator or distillation devices B01D3/106with the use of a pump for creating vacuum and for removing the distillate B01D3/108using a vacuum lock for removing the concentrate during distillation B01D3/12Molecular distillation B01D3/14Fractional distillation or use of a fractionation or rectification column B01D3/141where at least one distillation column contains at least one dividing wall B01D3/143by two or more of a fractionation, separation or rectification step B01D3/145One step being separation by permeation B01D3/146Multiple effect distillation B01D3/148in combination with at least one evaporator B01D3/16Fractionating columns in which vapour bubbles through liquid B01D3/163Plates with valves B01D3/166Heating and/or cooling of plates B01D3/18with horizontal bubble plates B01D3/20Bubble caps Risers for vapour Discharge pipes for liquid B01D3/205Bubble caps B01D3/22with horizontal sieve plates or grids Construction of sieve plates or grids B01D3/225Dual-flow sieve trays B01D3/24with sloping plates or elements mounted stepwise B01D3/26Fractionating columns in which vapour and liquid flow past each other, or in which the fluid is sprayed into the vapour, or in which a two-phase mixture is passed in one direction B01D3/28Fractionating columns with surface contact and vertical guides B01D3/30Fractionating columns with movable parts or in which centrifugal movement is caused B01D3/32Other features of fractionating columns; Constructional details of fractionating columns not provided for in groups B01D3/16 - B01D3/30 B01D3/322Reboiler specifications B01D3/324Tray constructions B01D3/326Tray supports B01D3/328Sealing between the column and the trays B01D3/34with one or more auxiliary substances B01D3/343the substance being a gas B01D3/346the gas being used for removing vapours B01D3/36Azeotropic distillation B01D3/38Steam distillation B01D3/40Extractive distillation B01D3/42Regulation Control B01D3/4205Reflux ratio control splitter B01D3/4211of columns B01D3/4216Head stream B01D3/4222Head- and side stream B01D3/4227Head- and bottom stream B01D3/4233Head- and feed stream B01D3/4238Head-, side- and bottom stream B01D3/4244Head-, side- and feed stream B01D3/425Head-, bottom- and feed stream B01D3/4255Head-, side-, bottom- and feed stream B01D3/4261Side stream B01D3/4266Side- and bottom stream B01D3/4272Side- and feed stream B01D3/4277Side-, bottom- and feed stream B01D3/4283Bottom stream B01D3/4288Bottom- and feed stream B01D3/4294Feed stream