Endless track vehicles


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  • B62D55/00
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Sub Industries

B62D55/02with tracks and additional ground wheels B62D55/04with tracks and alternative ground wheels B62D55/06with tracks without ground wheels B62D55/062Tracked vehicles of great dimensions adapted for moving bulky loads or gear B62D55/065Multi-track vehicles B62D55/0655Articulated endless track vehicles B62D55/07Mono-track vehicles B62D55/075Tracked vehicles for ascending or descending stairs, steep slopes or vertical surfaces B62D55/08Endless track units Parts thereof B62D55/084Endless-track units or carriages mounted separably, adjustably or extensibly on vehicles B62D55/0842Tracked vehicle with track carriages suspended on three points B62D55/0845Protection devices B62D55/0847Track blocking devices mounted on the frame; Track guides B62D55/088with means to exclude or remove foreign matter B62D55/0882Track or sprocket cleaning devices mounted on the frame B62D55/0885Self-cleaning sprockets B62D55/0887Track-articulation sealings against dust, water, mud or the like B62D55/092with lubrication means B62D55/096with noise reducing means B62D55/0963Anti-noise driving sprockets B62D55/0966Low noise rollers B62D55/10Bogies Frames B62D55/104Suspension devices for wheels, rollers, bogies or frames B62D55/108with mechanical springs B62D55/1083Torsion-bar springs B62D55/1086Rubber springs B62D55/112with fluid springs B62D55/1125Hydro-pneumatic or pneumatic B62D55/116Attitude or position control of chassis by action on suspension B62D55/12Arrangement, location, or adaptation of driving sprockets B62D55/125Final drives B62D55/13readily interchangeable modular type B62D55/135with dismountable driving crown B62D55/14Arrangement, location, or adaptation of rollers B62D55/145Rollers with replaceable wear rings or rims B62D55/15Mounting devices B62D55/18Tracks B62D55/20of articulated type B62D55/202Wheel engaging parts; Wheel guides on links B62D55/205Connections between track links B62D55/21Links connected by transverse pivot pins B62D55/211Bitubular chain links assembled by pins and double connectors B62D55/213Master track links B62D55/215Resilient connections between links B62D55/22Arrangements for preventing or modifying back-flexing B62D55/24of continuously flexible type B62D55/242The flexible band being semi-rigid for resisting back-flexing and contributing to spring the vehicle B62D55/244Moulded in one piece, with either smooth surfaces or surfaces having projections B62D55/247Gas filled or inflatable flexible tracks B62D55/253having elements interconnected by one or more cables or like elements B62D55/26Ground engaging parts or elements B62D55/265having magnetic or pneumatic adhesion B62D55/27having different types of crampons for progression over varying ground B62D55/275with street plate B62D55/28detachable B62D55/283and movable B62D55/286For soft grounds B62D55/30Track-tensioning means B62D55/305acting on pivotably mounted idlers B62D55/32Assembly, disassembly, repair or servicing of endless-track systems