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  • B62D

Current Industry

Sub Industries

B62D1/00Steering controls B62D11/00Steering non-deflectable wheels Steering endless tracks or the like B62D12/00Steering specially adapted for vehicles operating in tandem or having pivotally connected frames B62D13/00Steering specially adapted for trailers B62D15/00Steering not otherwise provided for B62D17/00Means on vehicles for adjusting camber, castor, or toe-in B62D19/00Radius rods B62D21/00Understructures B62D23/00Combined superstructure and frame B62D24/00Connections between vehicle body and vehicle frame B62D25/00Superstructure or monocoque structure sub-units Parts or details thereof not otherwise provided for B62D27/00Connections between superstructure or understructure sub-units B62D29/00Superstructures, understructures, or sub-units thereof, characterised by the material thereof B62D3/00Steering gears B62D31/00Superstructure for passenger vehicles B62D33/00Superstructures for load-carrying vehicles B62D35/00Vehicle bodies characterised by streamlining B62D37/00Stabilising vehicle bodies without controlling suspension arrangements B62D39/00Vehicle bodies not otherwise provided for B62D41/00Fittings for identifying vehicles in case of collision Fittings for marking or recording collision areas B62D43/00Spare wheel stowing, holding, or mounting arrangements B62D47/00Motor vehicles or trailers predominantly for carrying passengers B62D49/00Tractors B62D5/00Power-assisted or power-driven steering B62D51/00Motor vehicles characterised by the driver not being seated B62D53/00Tractor-trailer combinations Road trains B62D55/00Endless track vehicles B62D57/00Vehicles characterised by having other propulsion or other ground- engaging means than wheels or endless track, alone or in addition to wheels or endless track B62D59/00Trailers with driven ground wheels or the like B62D6/00Arrangements for automatically controlling steering depending on driving conditions sensed and responded to B62D61/00Motor vehicles or trailers, characterised by the arrangement or number of wheels, not otherwise provided for B62D63/00Motor vehicles or trailers not otherwise provided for B62D65/00Designing, manufacturing B62D67/00Systematic disassembly of vehicles for recovery of salvageable components B62D7/00Steering linkage Stub axles or their mountings B62D9/00Steering deflectable wheels not otherwise provided for