Filters formed by clamping together several filtering elements or parts of such elements


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  • B01D25/00
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Sub Industries

B01D25/001Making filtering elements B01D25/002Clamping devices B01D25/003integrally combined with devices for controlling the filtration B01D25/004by clearness or turbidity measuring B01D25/005by flow measuring B01D25/006by level measuring B01D25/007by pressure measuring B01D25/008by temperature measuring B01D25/02in which the elements are pre-formed independent filtering units B01D25/04with screens or sheets B01D25/06with loose, granular of fibrous filtering material B01D25/08with rigid self-supporting filtering elements B01D25/10in which the suspended particles form the filtering medium B01D25/12Filter presses B01D25/121with bandshaped filtering elements intermittently entrained between the press plates, the lateral sides of the elements being clamped between two successive plates or between a plate and a successive frame during the filtration period B01D25/122Construction of the plates B01D25/124Pressing-out operation after filtration B01D25/125Opening and/or closing and/or pressure applying devices or means B01D25/127with one or more movable filter bands arranged to be clamped between the press plates or between a plate and a frame during filtration B01D25/1275the plates or the frames being placed in a non-vertical position B01D25/14Clamping means clamping of filter cloth or similar securing means B01D25/16Edge filtering elements B01D25/164Chamber-plate presses B01D25/1645the plates being placed in a non-vertical position B01D25/172Plate spreading means B01D25/176attaching the filter element to the filter press plates B01D25/18of flat, stacked bodies B01D25/19Clamping means for closing the filter press B01D25/20of spirally or helically wound bodies B01D25/21Plate and frame presses B01D25/215Construction of the filter plates, frames B01D25/22Cell-type filters B01D25/24Cell-type roll filters B01D25/26Cell-type stack filters B01D25/28Leaching or washing filter cakes in the filter handling the filter cake for purposes other than regenerating B01D25/281specially for chamber filter presses B01D25/282for drying B01D25/284by gases or by heating B01D25/285by compression using inflatable membranes B01D25/287by compression using pistons B01D25/288Retarding cake deposition on the filter during the filtration period B01D25/30Feeding devices; Discharge devices B01D25/302specially adapted for chamber filter presses B01D25/305for discharging filtrate B01D25/307with internal recirculation through the filtering element B01D25/32Removal of the filter cakes B01D25/322specially for chamber filter presses B01D25/325counter-current flushing B01D25/327with backwash shoes, with nozzles B01D25/34by moving B01D25/343Particular measures for replacing or isolating one or more filtering elements; Transport systems for the filtering apparatus B01D25/346by vibration B01D25/36by centrifugal force B01D25/38by moving parts B01D25/383Brushes B01D25/386Nozzles