Footwear for sporting purposes


  • CPC
  • A43B5/00
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Sub Industries

A43B5/001Golf shoes A43B5/002Mountain boots or shoes A43B5/003for free climbing A43B5/004After-ski boots A43B5/005for grinding A43B5/006for horse riding A43B5/007Footwear for car driving or racing A43B5/008Bowling Shoes A43B5/02Football boots or shoes A43B5/025characterised by an element which improves the contact between the ball and the footwear A43B5/04Ski boots Similar boots A43B5/0401Snowboard boots A43B5/0403Adaptations for soles or accessories with soles for snowboard bindings A43B5/0405Linings, paddings, insertions; Inner boots A43B5/0407inflatable A43B5/0409with means for attaching inner boots or parts thereof to shells of skiboots A43B5/0411for cross-country A43B5/0413Adaptations for soles or accessories associated with soles for cross-country bindings A43B5/0415Accessories A43B5/0417for soles or associated with soles of ski boots; for ski bindings A43B5/0419for walking aids A43B5/0421located underneath the sole A43B5/0423located on the sides of the sole A43B5/0425Devices for carrying ski-boots or similar boots A43B5/0427characterised by type or construction details A43B5/0429Adjustment of the boot to calf or shin A43B5/0431to the length of calf or shin A43B5/0433to the width of calf or shin A43B5/0435Adjustment of the boot to the foot A43B5/0437to the arch of the foot A43B5/0439to the heel; Heel clamping devices; Heel supports A43B5/0441by lifting the insole A43B5/0443to the instep of the foot A43B5/0445directly actuated by non flexible means A43B5/0447actuated by flexible means A43B5/0449with the actuator being disposed at the rear side of the boot A43B5/045to the width of the foot A43B5/0452Adjustment of the forward inclination of the boot leg A43B5/0454including flex control; Dampening means A43B5/0456with the actuator being disposed at the rear side of the boot A43B5/0458with the actuator being disposed at the front side of the boot A43B5/046with the actuator being disposed at the lateral or medial side of the boot A43B5/0462with the actuator being disposed at the lower side of the boot A43B5/0464with exchangeable parts A43B5/0466Adjustment of the side inclination of the boot leg; Canting A43B5/0468Adjustment of the angle of the boot to the ski A43B5/047provided with means to improve walking with the skiboot A43B5/0472having a flexible toe portion; provided with a hinge at the ball of the foot A43B5/0474having a walk/ski position A43B5/0476Front-entry skiboots A43B5/0478Mid-entry skiboots, hybrid skiboots A43B5/048Rear-entry skiboots A43B5/0482made from materials with different rigidities A43B5/0484permitting easy replacement of parts A43B5/0486characterized by the material A43B5/0488with an upper made of flexible material A43B5/049with an upper made of composite material A43B5/0492Telemark boots A43B5/0494Adaptations for soles or accessories associated with soles for telemark bindings A43B5/0496boots for touring or hiking skis A43B5/0498For ski jumping A43B5/06Running boots A43B5/08Bathing shoes; Aquatic sports shoes A43B5/10Tennis shoes A43B5/12Dancing shoes A43B5/14Shoes for cyclists A43B5/145Boots for motorcyclists A43B5/16Skating boots A43B5/1608size adjustable A43B5/1616Inner boots A43B5/1625made from materials with different rigidities A43B5/1633Multipurpose skate boots A43B5/1641characterised by the sole ; characterised by the attachment of the skate A43B5/165with ventilation means in the sole A43B5/1658provided with resilient means in the sole or between the chassis and the sole A43B5/1666characterised by the upper A43B5/1675with ventilation means in the upper A43B5/1683characterised by the lower part of the upper or by the shell A43B5/1691characterised by the higher part of the upper A43B5/18Attachable overshoes for sporting purposes A43B5/185with a sole covering spikes or cleats