Image analysis


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  • G06T7/00
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G06T7/0002Inspection of images G06T7/0004Industrial image inspection G06T7/0006using a design-rule based approach G06T7/0008checking presence/absence G06T7/001using an image reference approach G06T7/0012Biomedical image inspection G06T7/0014using an image reference approach G06T7/0016involving temporal comparison G06T7/0018Camera calibration G06T7/002Stereo camera calibration G06T7/0022Determining parameters from multiple pictures G06T7/0024Registration of images G06T7/0026using correlation-based methods G06T7/0028using feature-based methods G06T7/003involving reference images or patches G06T7/0032involving models G06T7/0034using statistical methods G06T7/0036using transform-domain based approaches G06T7/0038Registration of image sequences G06T7/004Determining position or orientation of objects G06T7/0042using feature-based methods G06T7/0044involving reference images or patches G06T7/0046involving models G06T7/0048using statistical methods G06T7/0051Depth or shape recovery G06T7/0053from shading G06T7/0055from specularities G06T7/0057from laser ranging and structured images G06T7/0059from texture G06T7/0061from perspective effects G06T7/0063from line drawings G06T7/0065from multiple images G06T7/0067from contours G06T7/0069from focus G06T7/0071from motion G06T7/0073from multiple light sources G06T7/0075from stereo images G06T7/0077from three or more stereo images G06T7/0079Segmentation or edge detection G06T7/0081Region-based segmentation G06T7/0083Edge-based segmentation G06T7/0085Edge detection G06T7/0087involving probabilistic approaches G06T7/0089involving deformable models G06T7/0091involving morphological operators G06T7/0093involving graph-based approaches G06T7/0095involving transform domain approaches G06T7/0097involving the use of two or more images G06T7/20Analysis of motion G06T7/2006Motion-based segmentation G06T7/2013using block-matching G06T7/202using full search G06T7/2026using non-full search G06T7/2033using feature-based methods G06T7/204involving reference images or patches G06T7/2046involving models G06T7/2053involving subtraction of pictures G06T7/206using transform domain based approaches G06T7/2066using gradient-based methods G06T7/2073Motion estimation over a hierarchy of resolutions G06T7/208involving a stochastic approach G06T7/2086Computing motion from a sequence of stereo images G06T7/2093Multi-camera tracking G06T7/40Analysis of texture G06T7/401based on statistical texture description G06T7/402using transform-domain based approaches G06T7/403using image operators G06T7/404using co-occurrence matrix computation G06T7/405using random Fields G06T7/406using fractals G06T7/407based on structural texture description G06T7/408Color analysis G06T7/60Analysis of geometric attributes G06T7/602Area, perimeter, diameter or volume G06T7/604Convexity or concavity G06T7/606Center of gravity or moments G06T7/608Symmetry