Indexing codes related to the manufacturing of suspensions: constructional features, the materials used, procedures or tools


  • CPC
  • B60G2206/00
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Sub Industries

B60G2206/01Constructional features of suspension elements B60G2206/011Modular constructions B60G2206/0112Bogies for heavy vehicles B60G2206/0114Independent suspensions on subframes B60G2206/0116Integrated distribution control units with valves, accumulators, PCB's or the like B60G2206/012Hollow or tubular elements B60G2206/0122having a U profile with plate closing the profile in the total or partial length of the element B60G2206/013with embedded inserts for material reinforcement B60G2206/014with reinforcing nerves or branches B60G2206/016allowing controlled deformation during collision B60G2206/017forming an eye for the bushing B60G2206/10Constructional features of arms B60G2206/11the arm being a radius or track or torque or steering rod or stabiliser end link B60G2206/111of adjustable length B60G2206/1112Manually, for alignment purposes B60G2206/1114Self-adjustable during driving B60G2206/1116Actively adjustable during driving B60G2206/12with two attachment points on the sprung part of the vehicle B60G2206/121the arm having an H or X-shape B60G2206/122the arm having L-shape B60G2206/123the arm having T-shape B60G2206/124the arm having triangular or Y-shape B60G2206/13with more than two attachment points on the sprung part of the vehicle B60G2206/14the arm forming a U-shaped recess for fitting a bush B60G2206/141The recess being integrally or seamlessly formed B60G2206/15the arm being resilient B60G2206/16the arm having a U profile and/or made of a plate B60G2206/161with middle section narrower than end section B60G2206/162with a plate closing the profile in the total or partial length of the arm B60G2206/20Constructional features of semi-rigid axles B60G2206/201with detachable cross beam and/or torsion stabiliser bar/tube B60G2206/202with a radially deformed tube as a cross member B60G2206/203with outwardly bent trailing arms to increase the width of the support or wheelbase B60G2206/30Constructional features of rigid axles B60G2206/31Straight axle B60G2206/312Cranked axle B60G2206/32Hollow cross section B60G2206/40Constructional features of dampers and/or springs B60G2206/41Dampers B60G2206/42Springs B60G2206/422Accumulators for hydropneumatic springs B60G2206/4222with a flexible separating wall Membrane construction B60G2206/424Plunger or top retainer construction for bellows or rolling lobe type air springs B60G2206/426Coil springs having a particular shape B60G2206/427Stabiliser bars or tubes B60G2206/428Leaf springs B60G2206/50Constructional features of wheel supports or knuckles B60G2206/60Subframe construction B60G2206/601Hanger bracket B60G2206/602Single transverse beam B60G2206/604with two parallel beams connected by cross members B60G2206/605Flexible constructions B60G2206/606Complex constructions B60G2206/70Materials used in suspensions B60G2206/71Light weight materials B60G2206/7101Fiber-reinforced plastics [FRP] B60G2206/7102Aluminium alloys B60G2206/7103Magnesium alloys B60G2206/7104Thermoplastics B60G2206/71042Polyester elastomer B60G2206/71043Polyamid elastomer B60G2206/71044Soft nylon B60G2206/7105Porous materials, ceramics B60G2206/72Steel B60G2206/722Plates B60G2206/724Wires, bars or the like B60G2206/73Rubber Elastomers B60G2206/80Manufacturing procedures B60G2206/81Shaping B60G2206/8101by casting B60G2206/81012by injection moulding B60G2206/8102by stamping B60G2206/81022by forging B60G2206/8103by folding or bending B60G2206/81035involving heating to relieve internal stresses B60G2206/8104by drawing B60G2206/8105by extrusion B60G2206/8106by thermal treatment B60G2206/81062to relieve internal stresses B60G2206/8107by hydroforming B60G2206/8108by twisting B60G2206/8109by rolling B60G2206/811by cutting B60G2206/8111by machining B60G2206/8112by thermal spraying of molten material B60G2206/82Joining B60G2206/8201by welding B60G2206/82012Pressure welding B60G2206/82013Friction or heat welding B60G2206/82014Magnetic pulse welding B60G2206/8205by conical or compressed rubber clamping inserts as joining means B60G2206/8206by riveting B60G2206/8207by screwing B60G2206/8208by hemming or seaming B60G2206/8209by deformation B60G2206/82092by press-fitting B60G2206/821by gluing B60G2206/83Punching B60G2206/84Hardening B60G2206/8401Annealing B60G2206/8402Quenching B60G2206/8403Shot-peening B60G2206/85Filament winding B60G2206/90Maintenance B60G2206/91Assembly procedures B60G2206/911using a modification kit B60G2206/92Tools or equipment used for assembling B60G2206/921Coil spring compressor B60G2206/93Tools used for adjustments B60G2206/931McPherson strut positioning tool B60G2206/94Tools used for supporting parts B60G2206/99Suspension element selection procedure depending on loading or performance requirements