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  • B60G

Sub Industries

B60G1/00Suspensions with rigid connection between axle and frame B60G11/00Resilient suspensions characterised by arrangement, location or kind of springs B60G13/00Resilient suspensions characterised by arrangement, location or type of vibration dampers B60G15/00Resilient suspensions characterised by arrangement, location or type of combined spring and vibration damper B60G17/00Resilient suspensions having means for adjusting the spring or vibration-damper characteristics, for regulating the distance between a supporting surface and a sprung part of vehicle or for locking suspension during use to meet varying vehicular or surface conditions B60G21/00Interconnection systems for two or more resiliently-suspended wheels B60G2200/00Indexing codes relating to suspension types B60G2202/00Indexing codes relating to the type of spring, damper or actuator B60G2204/00Indexing codes related to suspensions per se or to auxiliary parts B60G2206/00Indexing codes related to the manufacturing of suspensions: constructional features, the materials used, procedures or tools B60G2300/00Indexing codes relating to the type of vehicle B60G2400/00Indexing codes relating to detected, measured or calculated conditions or factors B60G2401/00Indexing codes relating to the type of sensors based on the principle of their operation B60G2500/00Indexing codes relating to the regulated action or device B60G2600/00Indexing codes relating to particular elements, systems or processes used on suspension systems or suspension control systems B60G2800/00Indexing codes relating to the type of movement or to the condition of the vehicle and to the end result to be achieved by the control action B60G3/00Resilient suspension for a single wheel B60G5/00Resilient suspensions for a set of tandem wheels or axles having interrelated movement B60G7/00Pivoted suspension arms Accessories thereof B60G9/00Resilient suspensions of a rigid axle or axle housing for two or more wheels B60G99/00Subject matter not provided for in other groups of this subclass