Indexing codes relating to detected, measured or calculated conditions or factors


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  • B60G2400/00
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Sub Industries

B60G2400/05Attitude B60G2400/051Angle B60G2400/0511Roll angle B60G2400/0512Pitch angle B60G2400/0513Yaw angle B60G2400/0514Wheel angle detection B60G2400/05142Wheel camber B60G2400/05144Wheel toe B60G2400/05146Wheel caster B60G2400/0516Angular position of a suspension element B60G2400/05162the element being a suspension arm B60G2400/052Angular rate B60G2400/0521Roll rate B60G2400/0522Pitch rate B60G2400/0523Yaw rate B60G2400/053Angular acceleration B60G2400/0531Roll acceleration B60G2400/0532Pitch acceleration B60G2400/0533Yaw acceleration B60G2400/10Acceleration Deceleration B60G2400/102vertical B60G2400/104lateral or transversal with regard to vehicle B60G2400/1042using at least two sensors B60G2400/106longitudinal with regard to vehicle B60G2400/1062using at least two sensors B60G2400/20Speed B60G2400/202Piston speed Relative velocity between vehicle body and wheel B60G2400/204Vehicle speed B60G2400/2042Lateral speed B60G2400/206Body oscillation speed Body vibration frequency B60G2400/208of wheel rotation B60G2400/25Stroke Height Displacement B60G2400/252vertical B60G2400/256horizontal B60G2400/257transversal with regard to vehicle B60G2400/258longitudinal with regard to vehicle B60G2400/30Propulsion unit conditions B60G2400/302Selected gear ratio Transmission function B60G2400/304neutral position B60G2400/306overdrive B60G2400/31Clutch condition B60G2400/32Torque on propulsion shaft B60G2400/33Throttle position B60G2400/34Accelerator pedal position B60G2400/35Position of fuel or air injector B60G2400/36Functioning of turbocharger B60G2400/37Brake pad or disc friction B60G2400/38Speed of engine rotation B60G2400/382Ignition switch B60G2400/39Brake pedal position B60G2400/40Steering conditions B60G2400/41Steering angle B60G2400/412of steering wheel or column B60G2400/4122Neutral position detection B60G2400/42Steering torque B60G2400/44Steering speed B60G2400/46Steering frequency B60G2400/47Rear wheel steering B60G2400/50Pressure B60G2400/51in suspension unit B60G2400/512in spring B60G2400/5122Fluid spring B60G2400/51222Pneumatic B60G2400/518in damper B60G2400/5182Fluid damper B60G2400/52in tyre B60G2400/60Load B60G2400/61Load distribution B60G2400/62Seat occupation Passenger presence B60G2400/63Location of the center of gravity B60G2400/64Wheel forces B60G2400/70Temperature of vehicle part or in the vehicle B60G2400/71of suspension unit B60G2400/712of spring B60G2400/7122Fluid spring B60G2400/716of damper B60G2400/7162Fluid damper B60G2400/72in vehicle interior B60G2400/73of other part than suspension unit B60G2400/732of propulsion unit B60G2400/80Exterior conditions B60G2400/82Ground surface B60G2400/821Uneven, rough road sensing affecting vehicle body vibration B60G2400/822Road friction coefficient determination affecting wheel traction B60G2400/8222Hydroplaning B60G2400/823Obstacle sensing B60G2400/824Travel path sensing Track monitoring B60G2400/84Atmospheric conditions B60G2400/841Wind B60G2400/842Temperature B60G2400/8422of air B60G2400/8424of ground or road B60G2400/843Humidity Rainfall B60G2400/845Darkness B60G2400/847Sunshine Light B60G2400/90Other conditions or factors B60G2400/91Frequency B60G2400/92Travelling or driving time B60G2400/922Travelling distance B60G2400/94Deformation of a vehicle part B60G2400/942of vehicle body B60G2400/95Position of vehicle body elements B60G2400/952of door or bonnet B60G2400/954Wheelbase B60G2400/96Presence, absence or inactivity of driver B60G2400/97Relation between towing and towed vehicle B60G2400/972Angle of articulation B60G2400/98Stabiliser movement