Indexing codes relating to particular elements, systems or processes used on suspension systems or suspension control systems


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  • B60G2600/00
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Sub Industries

B60G2600/02Retarders, delaying means, dead zones, threshold values, cut-off frequency, timer interruption B60G2600/04Means for informing, instructing or displaying B60G2600/042Monitoring means B60G2600/0422involving data transmission B60G2600/044Alarm means B60G2600/07Inhibiting means B60G2600/08Failure or malfunction detecting means B60G2600/082Sensor drift B60G2600/084Supervisory systems B60G2600/086Redundant systems B60G2600/09Feedback signal B60G2600/11Feedforward signal B60G2600/12Sampling or average detecting Addition or substraction B60G2600/122Summation signal B60G2600/124Error signal B60G2600/14Differentiating means B60G2600/16Integrating means B60G2600/17Proportional control B60G2600/172Weighting coefficients or factors B60G2600/18Automatic control means B60G2600/181Signal modulation pulse-width, frequency-phase B60G2600/182Active control means B60G2600/184Semi-Active control means B60G2600/186Analogue Controller Details and Signal Treatment B60G2600/187Digital Controller Details and Signal Treatment B60G2600/1871Optimal control Kalman Filters B60G2600/1872Observer Luaponov function B60G2600/1873Model Following B60G2600/1874Modal analysis B60G2600/1875Other parameter or state estimation methods not involving the mathematical modelling of the vehicle B60G2600/1876Artificial intelligence B60G2600/1877Adaptive Control B60G2600/1878Neural Networks B60G2600/1879Fuzzy Logic Control B60G2600/188Spectral analysis Transformations B60G2600/1881Integral B60G2600/1882Fourier B60G2600/1883z-transform B60G2600/1884Laplace B60G2600/1885Euler equations B60G2600/189Statistical analysis B60G2600/20Manual control or setting means B60G2600/202using a remote B60G2600/204Joystick actuated suspension B60G2600/206Control-by-wire B60G2600/21Self-controlled or adjusted B60G2600/22Magnetic elements B60G2600/24permanent magnets B60G2600/26Electromagnets Solenoids B60G2600/28Temporary fluctuations B60G2600/41SISO system B60G2600/43MIMO system B60G2600/44Vibration noise suppression B60G2600/60Signal noise suppression Electronic filtering means B60G2600/602high pass B60G2600/604low pass B60G2600/66Humidifying or drying means B60G2600/68Filtering means B60G2600/70Computer memory Data storage B60G2600/702Parallel processing B60G2600/704Electronic tags containing data B60G2600/71Distributed control Master - slave controllers Remote control units B60G2600/72Cooling or warming means B60G2600/73Electrical control B60G2600/74Analog systems B60G2600/76Digital systems B60G2600/77A/D, D/A signal converters B60G2600/82duty rate function B60G2600/85Speed of regulation B60G2600/90other signal treatment means