Indexing codes relating to the regulated action or device


  • CPC
  • B60G2500/00
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Sub Industries

B60G2500/02Supply or exhaust flow rates Pump operation B60G2500/022Minimisation of pressure cavitation effects upon demand B60G2500/04using inertia type valves B60G2500/10Damping action or damper B60G2500/102stepwise B60G2500/104continuous B60G2500/106duty rate B60G2500/11Damping valves B60G2500/112Fluid actuation B60G2500/114pressure regulating valves B60G2500/116for damping pressure oscillations of the fluid in hydraulic lines B60G2500/20Spring action or springs B60G2500/201Air spring system type B60G2500/2012Open systems B60G2500/2014Closed systems B60G2500/202Height or leveling valve for air-springs B60G2500/2021Arrangement of valves B60G2500/2022with valve seat actuation for selectively adjusting neutral height B60G2500/203Distributor valve units comprising several elements B60G2500/204Pressure regulating valves for air-springs B60G2500/2041for variable volume air springs B60G2500/2042Air filling valves B60G2500/2043Wheatstone bridge type valve arrangements B60G2500/2044Air exhausting valves B60G2500/2046Pressure equalising valves between two units B60G2500/205Air-compressor operation B60G2500/206Variable pressure accumulators for hydropneumatic suspensions B60G2500/2062by varying the air-pressure of the accumulator B60G2500/2064by varying the number of accumulators connected in parallel to the hydraulic cylinder B60G2500/22Spring constant B60G2500/30Height or ground clearance B60G2500/302using distributor valves B60G2500/32of only one vehicle part or side B60G2500/322only front part B60G2500/324only rear part B60G2500/326only left or right side B60G2500/40Steering B60G2500/42Sensibility