Indexing codes relating to the type of movement or to the condition of the vehicle and to the end result to be achieved by the control action


  • CPC
  • B60G2800/00
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Sub Industries

B60G2800/01Attitude or posture control B60G2800/012Rolling condition B60G2800/0122Roll rigidity ratio Warping B60G2800/0124Roll-over conditions B60G2800/014Pitch Nose dive B60G2800/016Yawing condition B60G2800/019Inclination due to load distribution or road gradient B60G2800/0192longitudinal with regard to vehicle B60G2800/0194transversal with regard to vehicle B60G2800/16Running B60G2800/162Reducing road induced vibrations B60G2800/164Heaving Squatting B60G2800/166Platooning B60G2800/18Starting, accelerating B60G2800/182Traction B60G2800/20Stationary vehicle B60G2800/202kneeling B60G2800/203lowering the floor for loading/unloading B60G2800/204adjusting floor height to the loading ramp level B60G2800/2042using an anticreep mechanism to lock the height B60G2800/205jacking-up for changing tyre or vehicle inspection B60G2800/21Traction, slip, skid or slide control B60G2800/212Transversal Side-slip during cornering B60G2800/213by applying forward/backward torque on each wheel individually B60G2800/214by varying the load distribution B60G2800/215by applying a braking action on each wheel individually B60G2800/22Braking, stopping B60G2800/222during collision B60G2800/224automatically, based on dangerous living style B60G2800/226automatically, based on stopping at a preset or target point position B60G2800/24Steering, cornering B60G2800/242Obstacle avoidance manoeuvre B60G2800/244Oversteer B60G2800/246Understeer B60G2800/248Neutral steering behaviour B60G2800/70Estimating or calculating vehicle parameters or state variables B60G2800/702Improving accuracy of a sensor signal B60G2800/7022Calibration of a sensor B60G2800/704predicting unorthodox driving conditions for safe or optimal driving B60G2800/80Detection or control after a system or component failure B60G2800/802Diagnostics B60G2800/85System Prioritisation B60G2800/87System configuration based on vehicle type or model B60G2800/90System Controller type B60G2800/91Suspension Control B60G2800/912Attitude Control levelling control B60G2800/9122ARS - Anti-Roll System Control B60G2800/9123Active Body Control [ABC] B60G2800/9124Roll-over protection systems B60G2800/914Height Control System B60G2800/915Suspension load distribution B60G2800/916Body Vibration Control B60G2800/92ABS - Brake Control B60G2800/922EBV - Electronic brake force distribution B60G2800/925Airbag deployment systems B60G2800/93Skid or slide control [ASR] B60G2800/94Electronic Stability Program (ESP B60G2800/95Automatic Traction or Slip Control [ATC] B60G2800/952Electronic driving torque distribution B60G2800/954Four-wheel drive B60G2800/96ASC - Assisted or power Steering control B60G2800/962Four-wheel steering B60G2800/963Steer-by-wire B60G2800/964Auto-navigation B60G2800/965Automatic or driver-independent manoeuvre B60G2800/97Engine Management System [EMS] B60G2800/972Electronic Differential Lock [EDS] B60G2800/98Intelligent Transportation System or Bus [IDB] B60G2800/982Active Cruise Control B60G2800/984Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems