Indexing codes relating to the type of spring, damper or actuator


  • CPC
  • B60G2202/00
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Sub Industries

B60G2202/10Type of spring B60G2202/11Leaf spring B60G2202/112longitudinally arranged B60G2202/114transversally arranged B60G2202/116having a "C" form loaded only at its ends transversally to its central axis B60G2202/117having a "C" form loaded parallel to its central axis B60G2202/12Wound spring B60G2202/122subjected to tension B60G2202/13Torsion spring B60G2202/132comprising a longitudinal torsion bar and/or tube B60G2202/134comprising a transversal torsion bar and/or tube B60G2202/135Stabiliser bar and/or tube B60G2202/1351comprising at least two stabiliser bars parallel to each other B60G2202/136Twist-beam type arrangement B60G2202/1362including a second torsional element B60G2202/14Plastic spring B60G2202/141subjected to tension B60G2202/142subjected to shear B60G2202/1422Axial B60G2202/1424Torsional B60G2202/143subjected to compression B60G2202/144of rotary type B60G2202/15Fluid spring B60G2202/152Pneumatic spring B60G2202/1522of rotary type B60G2202/1524with two air springs per wheel, arranged before and after the wheel axis B60G2202/154with an accumulator B60G2202/16Magnetic spring B60G2202/20Type of damper B60G2202/21with two dampers per wheel, arranged before and after the wheel axis B60G2202/22Rotary Damper B60G2202/23Friction Damper B60G2202/24Fluid damper B60G2202/242Pneumatic damper B60G2202/25Dynamic damper B60G2202/30Spring/Damper and/or actuator Units B60G2202/31with the spring arranged around the damper B60G2202/312The spring being a wound spring B60G2202/314The spring being a pneumatic spring B60G2202/32The spring being in series with the damper and/or actuator B60G2202/322the damper being controllable B60G2202/40Type of actuator B60G2202/41Fluid actuator B60G2202/412Pneumatic actuator B60G2202/413Hydraulic actuator B60G2202/414using electrohydraulic valves B60G2202/415using other types of valves B60G2202/416using a pump B60G2202/42Electric actuator B60G2202/422Linear motor B60G2202/424electrostrictive materials B60G2202/43Mechanical actuator B60G2202/432Spring motor B60G2202/44Axial actuator B60G2202/441where axial movement is translated to rotation of the connected end part B60G2202/442Rotary actuator B60G2202/45Other types B60G2202/49Other type