Indexing scheme related to electronic switching or gating


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  • H03K2217/00
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Sub Industries

H03K2217/0009AC switches H03K2217/0018Special modifications or use of the back gate voltage of a FET H03K2217/0027Measuring means of H03K2217/0036Means reducing energy consumption H03K2217/0045Full bridges, determining the direction of the current through the load H03K2217/0054Gating switches H03K2217/0063High side switches H03K2217/0072Low side switches H03K2217/0081Power supply means H03K2217/009Resonant driver circuits H03K2217/94characterised by the way in which the control signal is generated H03K2217/94005activated by voice or sound H03K2217/9401Calibration techniques H03K2217/94015Mechanical H03K2217/94021with human activation H03K2217/94026Automatic threshold calibration H03K2217/94031Calibration involving digital processing H03K2217/94036Multiple detection H03K2217/94042Means for reducing energy consumption H03K2217/94047Cascode connected switches H03K2217/94052with evaluation of actuation pattern or sequence H03K2217/94057Rotary switches H03K2217/94063with optical detection H03K2217/94068with magnetic detection H03K2217/94073with capacitive detection H03K2217/94078with acoustic detection H03K2217/94084Transmission of parameters among sensors or between sensor and remote station H03K2217/94089Wireless transmission H03K2217/94094Wired transmission H03K2217/941using an optical detector H03K2217/94102characterised by the type of activation H03K2217/94104using a light barrier H03K2217/94106Passive activation of light sensor H03K2217/94108making use of reflection H03K2217/94111having more than one emitter H03K2217/94112having more than one receiver H03K2217/94114Optical multi axis H03K2217/94116increasing reliability, fail-safe H03K2217/945Proximity switches H03K2217/95using a magnetic detector H03K2217/952Detection of ferromagnetic and non-magnetic conductive targets H03K2217/954Ferromagnetic case H03K2217/956Negative resistance H03K2217/958involving transponders H03K2217/96Touch switches H03K2217/96003using acoustic waves H03K2217/96007by reflection H03K2217/96011with propagation, SAW or BAW H03K2217/96015Constructional details for touch switches H03K2217/96019using conductive paint H03K2217/96023Details of electro-mechanic connections between different elements, e.g.: sensing plate and integrated circuit containing electronics H03K2217/96027Piezoelectric snap spring H03K2217/96031Combination of touch switch and LC display H03K2217/96035by temperature detection H03K2217/96038Inductive touch switches H03K2217/96042with illumination H03K2217/96046Key-pad combined with display, back-lit H03K2217/9605Detection of leakage or discharge current across the touching body to ground H03K2217/96054Double function: touch detection combined with detection of a movable element H03K2217/96058Fail-safe touch switches, where switching takes place only after repeated touch H03K2217/96062with tactile or haptic feedback H03K2217/96066Thumbwheel, potentiometer, scrollbar or slider simulation by touch switch H03K2217/9607Capacitive touch switches H03K2217/960705Safety of capacitive touch and proximity switches H03K2217/96071characterised by the detection principle H03K2217/960715Rc-timing H03K2217/96072Phase comparison H03K2217/960725Charge-transfer H03K2217/96073Amplitude comparison H03K2217/960735characterised by circuit details H03K2217/96074Switched capacitor H03K2217/960745Capacitive differential H03K2217/96075involving bridge circuit H03K2217/960755Constructional details of capacitive touch and proximity switches H03K2217/96076with spring electrode H03K2217/960765Details of shielding arrangements H03K2217/96077comprising an electrode which is floating H03K2217/960775Emitter-receiver or "fringe" type detection H03K2217/96078Sensor being a wire or a strip H03K2217/960785with illumination H03K2217/96079using a single or more light guides H03K2217/960795using organic light emitting devices H03K2217/965Switches controlled by moving an element forming part of the switch H03K2217/9651the moving element acting on a force H03K2217/9653with illumination H03K2217/9655using a single or more light guides H03K2217/9656using organic light emitting devices H03K2217/9658Safety