Indexing scheme relating to details of data-processing equipment not covered by groups G06F3/00 - G06F13/00


  • CPC
  • G06F2211/00
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Sub Industries

G06F2211/001In-Line Device G06F2211/002Bus G06F2211/003Mutual Authentication Bi-Directional Authentication, Dialogue, Handshake G06F2211/004Notarisation, Time-Stamp, Date-Stamp G06F2211/005Network, LAN, Remote Access, Distributed System G06F2211/006E-Mail G06F2211/007Encryption, En-/decode, En-/decipher, En-/decypher, Scramble, (De-)compress G06F2211/008Public Key, Asymmetric Key, Asymmetric Encryption G06F2211/009Trust G06F2211/10Indexing scheme relating to G06F11/10 G06F2211/1002Indexing scheme relating to G06F11/1076 G06F2211/1004Adaptive RAID, i.e. RAID system adapts to changing circumstances G06F2211/1007Addressing errors, i.e. silent errors in RAID G06F2211/1009Cache G06F2211/1011Clustered RAID G06F2211/1014Compression G06F2211/1016Continuous RAID, i.e. RAID system that allows streaming or continuous media G06F2211/1019Fast writes G06F2211/1021Different size blocks G06F2211/1023Different size disks G06F2211/1026Different size groups G06F2211/1028Distributed G06F2211/103Hybrid G06F2211/1033Inactive data in parity groups G06F2211/1035Keeping track G06F2211/1038LFS G06F2211/104Metadata G06F2211/1042Nano RAID G06F2211/1045Nested RAID G06F2211/1047No striping G06F2211/105On the fly coding G06F2211/1052RAID padding G06F2211/1054Parity-fast hardware G06F2211/1057Parity-multiple bits-RAID6 G06F2211/1059Parity-single bit-RAID5 G06F2211/1061Parity-single bit-RAID4 G06F2211/1064Parity-single bit-RAID3 G06F2211/1066Parity-small-writes G06F2211/1069Phantom write G06F2211/1071Power loss G06F2211/1073Problems due to wear-out failures in RAID systems G06F2211/1076RAIP G06F2211/1078RAIR G06F2211/108RAIT G06F2211/1083Reserve area on a disk of a RAID system G06F2211/1085RMW G06F2211/1088Scrubbing in RAID systems with parity G06F2211/109Sector level checksum or ECC G06F2211/1092Single disk raid G06F2211/1095Writes number reduction G06F2211/1097Boot, Start, Initialise, Power G06F2211/902Spectral purity improvement for digital function generators by adding a dither signal