Key modules


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  • H01H2233/00
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Current Industry

Sub Industries

H01H2233/002joined to form button rows H01H2233/004One molded part H01H2233/006Separating individual keys after mounting H01H2233/008Laykey mounted on assembled key modules H01H2233/01mounted on laykey H01H2233/012Locating pins H01H2233/014Snap coupling H01H2233/016with limited freedom H01H2233/018One degree of freedom H01H2233/02captured between assembled parts of support H01H2233/022with limited freedom H01H2233/024Riveting H01H2233/026Inserting H01H2233/028connected by spring H01H2233/03mounted on support plate or frame H01H2233/032Locating pins H01H2233/034Snap coupling H01H2233/036with limited freedom H01H2233/038One degree of freedom H01H2233/04captured between assembled parts of support H01H2233/042with limited freedom H01H2233/044Riveting H01H2233/046Inserting H01H2233/048connected by spring H01H2233/05Actuator part on body H01H2233/052Locating pins H01H2233/054Snap coupling H01H2233/056with limited freedom H01H2233/058One degree of freedom H01H2233/06captured between assembled parts of support H01H2233/062with limited freedom H01H2233/064Riveting H01H2233/066Inserting H01H2233/068connected by spring H01H2233/07Cap or button on actuator part H01H2233/072Locating pins H01H2233/074Snap coupling H01H2233/076with limited freedom H01H2233/078One degree of freedom H01H2233/08captured between assembled parts of support H01H2233/082with limited freedom H01H2233/084Riveting H01H2233/086Inserting H01H2233/088connected by spring H01H2233/09Actuating striker on actuator part H01H2233/092Locating pins H01H2233/094Snap coupling H01H2233/096with limited freedom H01H2233/098One degree of freedom H01H2233/10captured between assembled parts of support H01H2233/102with limited freedom H01H2233/104Riveting H01H2233/106Inserting H01H2233/108connected by spring