Lining or sheathing


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  • B29C63/00
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Sub Industries

B29C63/0004Component parts, details or accessories; Auxiliary operations B29C63/0013Removing old coatings B29C63/0017characterised by the choice of the material B29C63/0021with coherent impregnated reinforcing layers B29C63/0026an edge face with strip material B29C63/003continuously B29C63/0034the strip material being folded B29C63/0039continuously B29C63/0043Fixing the layers by electrostatic charges, by the use of structured surfaces or by mechanical means B29C63/0047Preventing air-inclusions B29C63/0052Testing B29C63/0056Provisional sheathings B29C63/0065Heat treatment B29C63/0069of tubular articles B29C63/0073of non-flat surfaces B29C63/0078having local protrusions B29C63/0082Finishing the edges of holes or perforations in the lined product B29C63/0086and removing the portion of the lining covering the holes B29C63/0091in particular atmospheres B29C63/0095using a provisional carrier B29C63/02using sheet or web-like material B29C63/024the sheet or web-like material being supported by a moving carriage B29C63/025applied by a die matching with the profile of the surface of resilient articles B29C63/04by folding, winding, bending or the like B29C63/042of L- or Z- shaped surfaces B29C63/044continuously B29C63/046using a folding shoulder B29C63/048specially adapted for articles having local protrusions B29C63/06around tubular articles B29C63/065continuously B29C63/08by winding helically B29C63/10around tubular articles B29C63/105continuously B29C63/12by winding spirally B29C63/14around tubular articles B29C63/145the tubular articles being mounted on transfer means B29C63/16applied by "rubber" bag or diaphragm B29C63/18using tubular layers or sheathings B29C63/182applied by a "rubber" bag or diaphragm B29C63/185by turning inside-out or by derolling B29C63/187by removing a shirred or pleated hose from a support B29C63/20using pressure difference B29C63/22using layers or sheathings having a shape adapted to the shape of the article B29C63/24using threads B29C63/26Lining or sheathing of internal surfaces B29C63/28applied by "rubber" bag or diaphragm B29C63/30using sheet or web-like material B29C63/32by winding helically B29C63/34using tubular layers or sheathings B29C63/341pressed against the wall by mechanical means B29C63/343the tubular sheathing having a deformed non-circular cross-section prior to introduction B29C63/345whilst rotating the article B29C63/346Fixing the end of the lining B29C63/36being turned inside out B29C63/38by liberation of internal stresses B29C63/40using sheet or web-like material B29C63/42using tubular layers or sheathings B29C63/423specially applied to the mass-production of externally coated articles B29C63/426in combination with the in situ shaping of the external tubular layer B29C63/44the shape of the layers or sheathings being adapted to the shape of the articles B29C63/46of internal surfaces B29C63/48Preparation of the surfaces B29C63/481mechanically B29C63/486of metal surfaces