Medicinal preparations containing materials or reaction products thereof with undetermined constitution


  • CPC
  • A61K35/00
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Sub Industries

A61K35/02from inanimate materials A61K35/04Tars Bitumens Mineral oils Ammonium bituminosulfonate A61K35/06Mineral oils A61K35/08Mineral waters Sea water A61K35/10Peat Amber Turf Humus A61K35/12Materials from mammals Compositions comprising non-specified tissues or cells Compositions comprising non-embryonic stem cells Genetically modified cells A61K35/13Tumour cells, irrespective of tissue of origin A61K35/14Blood Artificial blood A61K35/15Cells of the myeloid line A61K35/16Blood plasma Blood serum A61K35/17Lymphocytes B-cells T-cells Natural killer cells Interferon-activated or cytokine-activated lymphocytes A61K35/18Erythrocytes A61K35/19Platelets Megacaryocytes A61K35/20Milk Whey Colostrum A61K35/22Urine Urinary tract A61K35/24Mucus Mucous glands Bursa Synovial fluid Arthral fluid Excreta Spinal fluid A61K35/26Lymph Lymph nodes Thymus Spleen Splenocytes Thymocytes A61K35/28Bone marrow Haematopoietic stem cells Mesenchymal stem cells of any origin A61K35/30Nerves Brain Eyes Corneal cells Cerebrospinal fluid Neuronal stem cells Neuronal precursor cells Glial cells Oligodendrocytes Schwann cells Astroglia Astrocytes Choroid plexus Spinal cord tissue A61K35/32Bones Osteocytes Osteoblasts Tendons Tenocytes Teeth Odontoblasts Cartilage Chondrocytes Synovial membrane A61K35/33Fibroblasts A61K35/34Muscles Smooth muscle cells Heart Cardiac stem cells Myoblasts Myocytes Cardiomyocytes A61K35/35Fat tissue Adipocytes Stromal cells Connective tissues A61K35/36Skin Hair Nails Sebaceous glands Cerumen Epidermis Epithelial cells Keratinocytes Langerhans cells Ectodermal cells A61K35/37Digestive system A61K35/38Stomach Intestine Goblet cells Oral mucosa Saliva A61K35/39Pancreas Islets of Langerhans A61K35/407Liver Hepatocytes A61K35/413Gall bladder Bile A61K35/42Respiratory system A61K35/44Vessels Vascular smooth muscle cells Endothelial cells Endothelial progenitor cells A61K35/48Reproductive organs A61K35/50Placenta Placental stem cells Amniotic fluid Amnion Amniotic stem cells A61K35/51Umbilical cord Umbilical cord blood Umbilical stem cells A61K35/52Sperm Prostate Seminal fluid Leydig cells of testes A61K35/54Ovaries Ova Ovules Embryos Foetal cells Germ cells A61K35/545Embryonic stem cells Pluripotent stem cells Induced pluripotent stem cells Uncharacterised stem cells A61K35/55Glands not provided for in groups A61K35/22 - A61K35/545 A61K35/56Materials from animals other than mammals A61K35/57Birds Materials from birds A61K35/58Reptiles A61K35/583Snakes Lizards A61K35/586Turtles Tortoises A61K35/60Fish A61K35/612Crustaceans A61K35/614Cnidaria A61K35/616Echinodermata A61K35/618Molluscs A61K35/62Leeches Worms A61K35/63Arthropods A61K35/64Insects A61K35/644Beeswax Propolis Royal jelly Honey A61K35/646Arachnids A61K35/648Myriapods A61K35/65Amphibians A61K35/655Aquatic animals other than those covered by groups A61K35/57 - A61K35/65 A61K35/66Micro-organisms or materials therefrom A61K35/68Protozoa A61K35/74Bacteria A61K35/741Probiotics A61K35/742Spore-forming bacteria A61K35/744Lactic acid bacteria A61K35/745Bifidobacteria A61K35/747Lactobacilli A61K35/748Cyanobacteria, i.e. blue-green bacteria or blue-green algae A61K35/76Viruses Subviral particles Bacteriophages A61K35/761Adenovirus A61K35/763Herpes virus A61K35/765Reovirus Rotavirus A61K35/766Rhabdovirus A61K35/768Oncolytic viruses not provided for in groups A61K35/761 - A61K35/766