Other filtering devices Auxiliary devices for filtration Filter housing constructions


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  • B01D35/00
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Sub Industries

B01D35/005Filters specially adapted for use in internal-combustion engine lubrication or fuel systems, not of special interest for B01D23/00 - B01D33/00 B01D35/02Filters adapted for location in special places B01D35/023Filler pipe filters B01D35/027rigidly mounted in or on tanks or reservoirs B01D35/0273Filtering elements with a horizontal or inclined rotation or symmetry axis submerged in tanks or reservoirs B01D35/0276Filtering elements with a vertical rotation or symmetry axis mounted on tanks or reservoirs B01D35/04Plug, tap, or cock filters filtering elements mounted in or on a faucet B01D35/043Reversible faucet filters B01D35/046the filtering element being mounted in the faucet plug B01D35/05Floating filters B01D35/06Filters making use of electricity or magnetism B01D35/08Filters with tipping buckets or trays B01D35/10Brush filters Rotary brush filters B01D35/12Devices for taking out of action one or more units of multi- unit filters B01D35/14Safety devices specially adapted for filtration Devices for indicating clogging B01D35/143Filter condition indicators B01D35/1435with alarm means B01D35/147Bypass or safety valves B01D35/1475Pressure relief valves or pressure control valves B01D35/15Bidirectional working filters B01D35/153Anti-leakage or anti-return valves B01D35/157Flow control valves: Damping or calibrated passages B01D35/1573Flow control valves B01D35/1576Calibrated passages B01D35/16Cleaning-out devices B01D35/18Heating or cooling the filters B01D35/185comprising a vaporizing unit B01D35/20Vibrating the filters B01D35/22Directing the mixture to be filtered on to the filters in a manner to clean the filters B01D35/24Providing loose granular material to scratch the filters clean B01D35/26Filters with built-in pumps filters provided with a pump mounted in or on the casing B01D35/28Strainers not provided for elsewhere B01D35/30Filter housing constructions B01D35/301Constructions of two or more housings B01D35/303the housings being modular B01D35/305with features related to crash tests or crash safety measures B01D35/306Filter mounting adapter B01D35/308Made of at least two different materials B01D35/31including arrangements for environmental protection B01D35/32against radiation B01D35/34open-topped