Porous mortars, concrete, artificial stone or ceramic ware Preparation thereof


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  • C04B38/00
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Sub Industries

C04B38/0003containing continuous channels C04B38/0006Honeycomb structures C04B38/0009characterised by features relating to the cell walls C04B38/0012characterised by the material used for sealing or plugging (some of) the channels of the honeycombs C04B38/0016assembled from subunits C04B38/0019characterised by the material used for joining separate subunits C04B38/0022obtained by a chemical conversion or reaction other than those relating to the setting or hardening of cement-like material or to the formation of a sol or a gel C04B38/0025starting from inorganic materials only C04B38/0029Porous deposits from the gas phase C04B38/0032one of the precursor materials being a monolithic element having approximately the same dimensions as the final article C04B38/0035by evaporation induced self-assembly C04B38/0038by superficial sintering or bonding of particulate matter C04B38/0041the particulate matter having preselected particle sizes C04B38/0045by a process involving the formation of a sol or a gel C04B38/0048Precipitation processes C04B38/0051characterised by the pore size, pore shape or kind of porosity C04B38/0054the pores being micro-sized or nano-sized C04B38/0058open porosity C04B38/0061closed porosity C04B38/0064Multimodal pore size distribution C04B38/0067characterised by the density of the end product C04B38/007characterised by the pore distribution C04B38/0074expressed as porosity percentage C04B38/0077Materials with a non-porous skin C04B38/008Bodies obtained by assembling separate elements having such a configuration that the final product is porous or by spirally winding one or more corrugated sheets C04B38/0083from one or more corrugated sheets or sheets bearing protrusions by winding or stacking C04B38/0087by generating pores in the ceramic material while in the molten state C04B38/009Porous or hollow ceramic granular materials C04B38/0093Other features C04B38/0096Pores with coated inner walls C04B38/02by adding chemical blowing agents C04B38/025generated by microorganisms C04B38/04by dissolving-out added substances C04B38/045the dissolved-out substance being a monolitic element having approximately the same dimensions as the final article C04B38/06by burning-out added substances by burning natural expanding materials or by sublimating or melting out added substances C04B38/0605by sublimating C04B38/061by melting out C04B38/0615the burned-out substance being a monolitic element having approximately the same dimensions as the final article C04B38/062the burned-out substance being formed in situ C04B38/0625involving a foaming step of the burnable material C04B38/063Preparing or treating the raw materials individually or as batches C04B38/0635Compounding ingredients C04B38/064Natural expanding materials C04B38/0645Burnable, meltable, sublimable materials C04B38/065characterised by physical aspects C04B38/0655Porous materials C04B38/066characterised by distribution C04B38/0665Waste material; Refuse other than vegetable refuse C04B38/067Macromolecular compounds C04B38/0675Vegetable refuse; Cellulosic materials C04B38/068Carbonaceous materials C04B38/0685Minerals containing carbon C04B38/069Other materials C04B38/0695Physical aspects of the porous material obtained C04B38/08by adding porous substances C04B38/085of micro or nano size C04B38/10by using foaming agents or by using mechanical means C04B38/103the foaming being obtained by the introduction of a gas other than untreated air C04B38/106by adding preformed foams