Preparation of oxygen-containing organic compounds


  • CPC
  • C12P7/00
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Sub Industries

C12P7/02containing a hydroxy group C12P7/04acyclic C12P7/06Ethanol C12P7/065with micro-organisms other than yeasts C12P7/08produced as by-product or from waste or cellulosic material substrate C12P7/10substrate containing cellulosic material C12P7/12substrate containing sulfite waste liquor or citrus waste C12P7/14Multiple stages of fermentation Multiple types of micro-organisms or re-use of micro-organisms C12P7/16Butanols C12P7/18polyhydric C12P7/20Glycerol C12P7/22aromatic C12P7/24containing a carbonyl group C12P7/26Ketones C12P7/28Acetone-containing products C12P7/30produced from substrate containing inorganic compounds other than water C12P7/32produced from substrate containing inorganic nitrogen source C12P7/34produced from substrate containing protein as nitrogen source C12P7/36produced from substrate containing grain or cereal material C12P7/38Cyclopentanone- or cyclopentadione-containing products C12P7/40containing a carboxyl group including Peroxycarboxylic acids C12P7/42Hydroxy-carboxylic acids C12P7/44Polycarboxylic acids C12P7/46Dicarboxylic acids having four or less carbon atoms C12P7/48Tricarboxylic acids C12P7/50having keto groups C12P7/52Propionic acid Butyric acids C12P7/54Acetic acid C12P7/56Lactic acid C12P7/58Aldonic, keto-aldonic or saccharic acids C12P7/602-Ketogulonic acid C12P7/62Carboxylic acid esters C12P7/625Polyesters of hydroxy-carboxylic acids C12P7/64Fats Fatty oils Ester-type waxes Higher fatty acids C12P7/6409Fatty acids C12P7/6418by hydrolysis of Fatty acid esters C12P7/6427Polyunsaturated fatty acids [PUFA] C12P7/6436Fatty acid esters C12P7/6445Glycerides C12P7/6454by esterification C12P7/6463obtained from glyceride producing microorganisms C12P7/6472containing polyunsaturated fatty acid [PUFA] residues C12P7/6481Phosphoglycerides C12P7/649Biodiesel C12P7/66containing the quinoid structure