Preparations for testing in vivo


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  • A61K49/00
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Sub Industries

A61K49/0002General or multifunctional contrast agents A61K49/0004Screening or testing of compounds for diagnosis of disorders, assessment of conditions A61K49/0006Skin tests A61K49/0008Screening agents using (non-human) animal models or transgenic animal models or chimeric hosts A61K49/001Preparation for luminescence or biological staining A61K49/0013Luminescence A61K49/0015Phosphorescence A61K49/0017Fluorescence in vivo A61K49/0019characterised by the fluorescent group A61K49/0021the fluorescent group being a small organic molecule A61K49/0023Di-or triarylmethane dye A61K49/0026Acridine dyes A61K49/0028Oxazine dyes A61K49/003Thiazine dyes A61K49/0032Methine dyes A61K49/0034Indocyanine green A61K49/0036Porphyrins A61K49/0039Coumarin dyes A61K49/0041Xanthene dyes, used in vivo A61K49/0043Fluorescein, used in vivo A61K49/0045the fluorescent agent being a peptide or protein used for imaging or diagnosis in vivo A61K49/0047Green fluorescent protein [GFP] A61K49/005characterised by the carrier molecule carrying the fluorescent agent A61K49/0052Small organic molecules A61K49/0054Macromolecular compounds A61K49/0056Peptides, proteins, polyamino acids A61K49/0058Antibodies A61K49/006Biological staining of tissues in vivo A61K49/0063characterised by a special physical or galenical form A61K49/0065the luminescent/fluorescent agent having itself a special physical form A61K49/0067quantum dots, fluorescent nanocrystals A61K49/0069the agent being in a particular physical galenical form A61K49/0071solution, solute A61K49/0073semi-solid, gel, hydrogel, ointment A61K49/0076dispersion, suspension A61K49/0078micro-emulsion, nano-emulsion A61K49/008lipoprotein vesicle A61K49/0082micelle A61K49/0084liposome A61K49/0086Polymersome A61K49/0089Particulate, powder, adsorbate, bead, sphere A61K49/0091Microparticle, microcapsule, microbubble, microsphere, microbead A61K49/0093Nanoparticle, nanocapsule, nanobubble, nanosphere, nanobead, i.e. having a size or diameter smaller than 1 micrometer A61K49/0095Nanotubes A61K49/0097Cells, viruses, ghosts, red blood cells, viral vectors, used for imaging or diagnosis in vivo A61K49/04X-ray contrast preparations A61K49/0404containing barium sulfate A61K49/0409Physical forms of mixtures of two different X-ray contrast-enhancing agents, containing at least one X-ray contrast-enhancing agent which is not a halogenated organic compound A61K49/0414Particles, beads, capsules or spheres A61K49/0419Microparticles, microbeads, microcapsules, microspheres A61K49/0423Nanoparticles, nanobeads, nanospheres, nanocapsules A61K49/0428Surface-modified nanoparticles A61K49/0433containing an organic halogenated X-ray contrast-enhancing agent A61K49/0438Organic X-ray contrast-enhancing agent comprising an iodinated group or an iodine atom A61K49/0442Polymeric X-ray contrast-enhancing agent comprising a halogenated group A61K49/0447Physical forms of mixtures of two different X-ray contrast-enhancing agents, containing at least one X-ray contrast-enhancing agent which is a halogenated organic compound A61K49/0452Solutions A61K49/0457Semi-solid forms, ointments, gels, hydrogels A61K49/0461Dispersions, colloids, emulsions or suspensions A61K49/0466Liposomes, lipoprotein vesicles A61K49/0471Perflubron A61K49/0476Particles, beads, capsules, spheres A61K49/048Microparticles, microbeads, microcapsules, microspheres A61K49/0485Nanoparticles, nanobeads, nanospheres, nanocapsules A61K49/049Surface-modified nanoparticles A61K49/0495intended for oral administration A61K49/06Nuclear magnetic resonance [NMR] contrast preparations Magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] contrast preparations A61K49/08characterised by the carrier A61K49/085conjugated systems A61K49/10Organic compounds A61K49/101the carrier being a complex-forming compound able to form MRI-active complexes with paramagnetic metals A61K49/103the complex-forming compound being acyclic A61K49/105the metal complex being Gd-DTPA A61K49/106the complex-forming compound being cyclic A61K49/108the metal complex being Gd-DOTA A61K49/12Macromolecular compounds A61K49/122dimers of complexes or complex-forming compounds A61K49/124dendrimers, dendrons, hyperbranched compounds A61K49/126Linear polymers A61K49/128comprising multiple complex or complex-forming groups, being either part of the linear polymeric backbone or being pending groups covalently linked to the linear polymeric backbone A61K49/14Peptides A61K49/143the protein being an albumin A61K49/146the peptide being a polyamino acid A61K49/16Antibodies Immunoglobulins Fragments thereof A61K49/18characterised by a special physical form A61K49/1803Semi-solid preparations A61K49/1806Suspensions, emulsions, colloids, dispersions A61K49/1809Micelles A61K49/1812liposomes, polymersomes A61K49/1815compo-inhalant A61K49/1818particles A61K49/1821coated or functionalised microparticles or nanoparticles A61K49/1824coated or functionalised nanoparticles A61K49/1827having a (super)(para)magnetic core, being a solid MRI-active material A61K49/183having a (super)(para)magnetic core coated or functionalised with an inorganic material or being composed of an inorganic material entrapping the MRI-active nucleus A61K49/1833having a (super)(para)magnetic core coated or functionalised with a small organic molecule A61K49/1836the small organic molecule being a carboxylic acid having less than 8 carbon atoms in the main chain A61K49/1839the small organic molecule being a lipid, a fatty acid having 8 or more carbon atoms in the main chain, or a phospholipid A61K49/1842the small organic molecule being a phosphate or a phosphonate, not being a phospholipid A61K49/1845the small organic molecule being a carbohydrate (monosaccharides, discacharides) A61K49/1848the small organic molecule being a silane A61K49/1851having a (super)(para)magnetic core coated or functionalised with an organic macromolecular compound A61K49/1854the organic macromolecular compound being obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61K49/1857the organic macromolecular compound being obtained otherwise than by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61K49/186the organic macromolecular compound being polyethyleneglycol [PEG] A61K49/1863the organic macromolecular compound being a polysaccharide or derivative thereof A61K49/1866the nanoparticle having a (super)(para)magnetic core coated or functionalised with a peptide A61K49/1869coated or functionalised with a protein being an albumin A61K49/1872coated or functionalised with a polyamino acid A61K49/1875coated or functionalised with an antibody A61K49/1878the nanoparticle having a magnetically inert core and a (super)(para)magnetic coating A61K49/1881wherein the coating consists of chelates A61K49/1884Nanotubes, nanorods or nanowires A61K49/1887Agglomerates, clusters A61K49/189Host-guest complexes A61K49/1893Molecular sieves A61K49/1896not provided for elsewhere A61K49/20containing free radicals A61K49/22Echographic preparations Ultrasound imaging preparation Optoacoustic imaging preparations A61K49/221characterised by the targeting agent or modifying agent linked to the acoustically-active agent A61K49/222characterised by a special physical form A61K49/223Micro-bubbles, hollow microspheres, free gas bubbles, gas microspheres A61K49/225Microparticles, microcapsules A61K49/226Solutes, emulsions, suspensions, dispersions, semi-solid forms A61K49/227Liposomes, lipoprotein vesicles A61K49/228Host-guest complexes, clathrates, chelates