Protective devices in which the current flows through a part of fusible material and this current is interrupted by displacement of the fusible material when this current becomes excessive


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  • H01H85/00
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Sub Industries

H01H85/0013Means for preventing damage H01H85/0017due to vibration or other mechanical forces H01H85/0021water or dustproof devices H01H85/0026casings for the fuse and its base contacts H01H85/003casings for the fusible element H01H85/0039Means for influencing the rupture process of the fusible element H01H85/0043Boiling of a material associated with the fusible element H01H85/0047Heating means H01H85/0052Fusible element and series heating means or series heat dams H01H85/0056Heat conducting or heat absorbing means associated with the fusible member H01H85/006Heat reflective or insulating layer on the casing or on the fuse support H01H85/0065Heat reflective or insulating layer on the fusible element H01H85/0069Heat reflective or insulating filler, support, or block forming the casing H01H85/0073Expansion or rupture of the insulating support for the fusible element H01H85/0078Security-related arrangements H01H85/0082preventing explosion of the cartridge H01H85/0086use of a flexible body H01H85/0091providing disconnection of the neutral line H01H85/0095Earthing means H01H85/02Details H01H85/0208Tools for inserting and removing fuses H01H85/0241Structural association of a fuse and another component or apparatus H01H85/04Fuses, i.e. expendable parts of the protective device H01H85/041characterised by the type H01H85/0411Miniature fuses H01H85/0415cartridge type H01H85/0417with parallel side contacts H01H85/0418with ferrule type end contacts H01H85/042General constructions or structure of high voltage fuses H01H85/044General constructions or structure of low voltage fuses H01H85/0445fast or slow type H01H85/045cartridge type H01H85/0452with parallel side contacts H01H85/0454with screw-in type contacts H01H85/0456with knife-blade end contacts H01H85/0458with ferrule type end contacts H01H85/046Fuses formed as printed circuits H01H85/047Vacuum fuses H01H85/048Fuse resistors H01H85/05Component parts thereof H01H85/055Fusible members H01H85/06characterised by the fusible material H01H85/08characterised by the shape or form of the fusible member H01H85/10with constriction for localised fusing H01H85/11with applied local area of a metal which, on melting, forms a eutectic with the main material of the fusible member H01H85/12Two or more separate fusible members in parallel H01H85/143Electrical contacts Fastening fusible members to such contacts H01H85/147Parallel-side contacts H01H85/15Screw-in contacts H01H85/153Knife-blade-end contacts H01H85/157Ferrule-end contacts H01H85/165Casings H01H85/17characterised by the casing material H01H85/175characterised by the casing shape or form H01H85/1755composite casing H01H85/18Casing fillings H01H85/185Insulating members for supporting fusible elements inside a casing H01H85/20Bases for supporting the fuse Separate parts thereof H01H85/2005for use with screw-in type fuse H01H85/201for connecting a fuse in a lead and adapted to be supported by the lead alone H01H85/2015for plug-in type fuses H01H85/202for fuses with ferrule type end contacts H01H85/2025for fuses with conical end contacts H01H85/203for fuses with blade type terminals H01H85/2035for miniature fuses with parallel side contacts H01H85/204for low voltage fuses with knife-blade end contacts H01H85/2045Mounting means or insulating parts of the base H01H85/205Electric connections to contacts on the base H01H85/22Intermediate or auxiliary parts for carrying, holding, or retaining fuse, cooperating with base or fixed holder, and removable therefrom for renewing the fuse H01H85/24Means for preventing insertion of incorrect fuse H01H85/25Safety arrangements preventing or inhibiting contact with live parts, including operation of isolation on removal of cover H01H85/26Magazine arrangements H01H85/263with spare printed circuit fuse H01H85/28effecting automatic replacement H01H85/30Means for indicating condition of fuse structurally associated with the fuse H01H85/303Movable indicating elements H01H85/306acting on an auxiliary switch or contact H01H85/32Indicating lamp structurally associated with the protective device H01H85/34Distinguishing marks H01H85/36Means for applying mechanical tension to fusible member H01H85/38Means for extinguishing or suppressing arc H01H85/40using an arc-extinguishing liquid H01H85/42using an arc-extinguishing gas H01H85/43Means for exhausting or absorbing gases liberated by fusing arc, or for ventilating excess pressure generated by heating H01H85/44Structural association with a spark-gap arrester H01H85/46Circuit arrangements not adapted to a particular application of the protective device H01H85/463with printed circuit fuse H01H85/47Means for cooling H01H85/48Protective devices wherein the fuse is carried or held directly by the base H01H85/485the fuse being provided with bayonet-type locking means H01H85/50the fuse having contacts at opposite ends for co-operation with the base H01H85/52the fuse being adapted for screwing into the base H01H85/54Protecting devices wherein the fuse is carried, held or retained by an intermediate or auxiliary part removable from the base, or used as sectionalisers H01H85/542the intermediate or auxiliary part being provided with bayonet-type locking means H01H85/545with pivoting fuse carrier H01H85/547with sliding fuse carrier H01H85/56the intermediate or auxiliary part having side contacts for plugging into the base H01H85/58with intermediate or auxiliary part and base shaped to interfit and thereby enclose the fuse H01H85/60the intermediate or auxiliary part having contacts at opposite ends for co-operation with the base H01H85/62the intermediate or auxiliary part being adapted for screwing into the base