Radiation therapy


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  • A61N5/00
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Sub Industries

A61N5/01Devices for producing movement of radiation source during therapy A61N5/02using microwaves A61N5/022Apparatus adapted for a specific treatment A61N5/025Warming the body A61N5/04Radiators for near-field treatment A61N5/045specially adapted for treatment inside the body A61N5/06using light A61N5/0601Apparatus for use inside the body A61N5/0603for treatment of body cavities A61N5/0613Apparatus adapted for a specific treatment A61N5/0614Tanning A61N5/0616Skin treatment other than tanning A61N5/0617Hair treatment A61N5/0618Psychological treatment A61N5/0619Acupuncture A61N5/062Photodynamic therapy A61N5/0621Hyperbilirubinemia, jaundice treatment A61N5/0622Optical stimulation for exciting neural tissue A61N5/0624for eliminating microbes, germs, bacteria on or in the body A61N5/0625Warming the body A61N5/10X-ray therapy Gamma-ray therapy Particle-irradiation therapy A61N5/1001using radiation sources introduced into or applied onto the body; brachytherapy A61N5/1002Intraluminal radiation therapy A61N5/1007Arrangements or means for the introduction of sources into the body A61N5/1014Intracavitary radiation therapy A61N5/1015Treatment of resected cavities created by surgery A61N5/1016Gynaecological radiation therapy A61N5/1017Treatment of the eye A61N5/1027Interstitial radiation therapy A61N5/1028using radiation sources applied onto the body A61N5/1029Radioactive dressings A61N5/103Treatment planning systems A61N5/1031using a specific method of dose optimization A61N5/1036Leaf sequencing algorithms A61N5/1037taking into account the movement of the target A61N5/1038taking into account previously administered plans applied to the same patient A61N5/1039using functional images A61N5/1042with spatial modulation of the radiation beam within the treatment head A61N5/1043Scanning the radiation beam A61N5/1044with multiple repetitions of the scanning pattern A61N5/1045using a multi-leaf collimator A61N5/1047with movement of the radiation head during application of radiation A61N5/1048Monitoring, verifying, controlling systems and methods A61N5/1049for verifying the position of the patient with respect to the radiation beam A61N5/1064for adjusting radiation treatment in response to monitoring A61N5/1065Beam adjustment A61N5/1067in real time A61N5/1068Gating the beam as a function of a physiological signal A61N5/1069Target adjustment A61N5/107in real time A61N5/1071for verifying the dose delivered by the treatment plan A61N5/1075for testing, calibrating, or quality assurance of the radiation treatment apparatus A61N5/1077Beam delivery systems A61N5/1078Fixed beam systems A61N5/1079Sharing a beam by multiple treatment stations A61N5/1081Rotating beam systems with a specific mechanical construction A61N5/1082having multiple beam rotation axes A61N5/1083Robot arm beam systems A61N5/1084for delivering multiple intersecting beams at the same time