Record carriers by type


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  • G11B2220/00
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Sub Industries

G11B2220/17Card-like record carriers G11B2220/20Disc-shaped record carriers G11B2220/21characterised in that the disc is of read-only, rewritable, or recordable type G11B2220/211Discs having both read-only and rewritable or recordable areas containing application data Partial ROM [PROM] media G11B2220/213Read-only discs G11B2220/215Recordable discs G11B2220/216Rewritable discs G11B2220/218Write-once discs G11B2220/23characterised in that the disc has a specific layer structure G11B2220/232Double-sided discs G11B2220/235Multilayer discs G11B2220/237having exactly two recording layers G11B2220/25characterised in that the disc is based on a specific recording technology G11B2220/2504Holographic discs Holographic digital data storage [HDDS] G11B2220/2508Magnetic discs G11B2220/2512Floppy disks G11B2220/2516Hard disks G11B2220/252Patterned or quantised magnetic media G11B2220/2525Magneto-optical [MO] discs G11B2220/2529Mini-discs G11B2220/2533MO disc using magnetic super resolution, i.e., the magnetic mark is smaller than the laser spot size G11B2220/2537Optical discs G11B2220/2541Blu-ray discs Blue laser DVR discs G11B2220/2545CDs G11B2220/255CD-I G11B2220/2554CD-V [CD-Video], CDV, or CD+V, as defined in IEC 61104 G11B2220/2558CD-XA format G11B2220/2562DVDs [digital versatile discs] Digital video discs MMCDs HDCDs G11B2220/2566DVDs belonging to the minus family G11B2220/257DVDs belonging to the plus family G11B2220/2575DVD-RAMs G11B2220/2579HD-DVDs [high definition DVDs] AODs [advanced optical discs] G11B2220/2583wherein two standards are used on a single disc G11B2220/2587Laser Discs Optical disc using analog recording G11B2220/2591SFFO discs G11B2220/2595Super-resolution optical discs G11B2220/40Combinations of multiple record carriers G11B2220/41Flat as opposed to hierarchical combination G11B2220/412Distributed storage methods G11B2220/415Redundant array of inexpensive disks [RAID] systems G11B2220/417Redundant array of inexpensive tapes [RAIT] systems G11B2220/45Hierarchical combination of record carriers G11B2220/455said record carriers being in one device and being used as primary and secondary/backup media G11B2220/60Solid state media G11B2220/61wherein solid state memory is used for storing A/V content G11B2220/63wherein solid state memory is used as a supplementary storage medium to store auxiliary data for detecting or correcting errors on a main storage medium G11B2220/65wherein solid state memory is used for storing indexing information or metadata G11B2220/652said memory being attached to the recording medium G11B2220/655Memory in cassette [MIC] G11B2220/657Memory in disc [MID] G11B2220/80Indexing information stored in optical or magnetic or other strip attached to cassette or disc G11B2220/90Tape-like record carriers G11B2220/91Helical scan format, wherein tracks are slightly tilted with respect to tape direction G11B2220/913Digital audio tape [DAT] format G11B2220/916Digital data storage [DDS] format G11B2220/93Longitudinal format, wherein tracks are in the direction of the tape, read with a static head G11B2220/95Serpentine format, wherein a single track or group of tracks traverses the tape plural times from one end to the other G11B2220/953Digital linear tape [DLT] format G11B2220/956Linear tape open [LTO] format