Recording on or reproducing from the same record carrier wherein for these two operations the methods are covered by different main groups of groups G11B3/00 - G11B7/00 or by different subgroups of group G11B9/00 Record carriers therefor


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  • G11B11/00
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Sub Industries

G11B11/002using recording by perturbation of the physical or electrical structure G11B11/005with reproducing by using non-optical beam of radiation or particles G11B11/007with reproducing by means directly associated with the tip of a microscopic electrical probe as defined in G11B9/14 G11B11/03using recording by deforming with non-mechanical means G11B11/05with reproducing by capacitive means G11B11/06with reproducing by mechanical sensing G11B11/08using recording by electric charge or by variation of electric resistance or capacitance G11B11/10using recording by magnetic means or other means for magnetisation or demagnetisation of a record carrier G11B11/105using a beam of light or a magnetic field for recording by change of magnetisation and a beam of light for reproducing, i.e. magneto-optical G11B11/10502characterised by the transducing operation to be executed G11B11/10504Recording G11B11/10506by modulating only the light beam of the transducer G11B11/10508by modulating only the magnetic field at the transducer G11B11/1051by modulating both the magnetic field and the light beam at the transducers G11B11/10513one of the light beam or the magnetic field being modulated by data and the other by a clock or frequency generator G11B11/10515Reproducing G11B11/10517Overwriting or erasing G11B11/10519Direct overwriting G11B11/10521using a single light spot G11B11/10523Initialising G11B11/10526Bulk initialisation or erasing G11B11/10528Shaping of magnetic domains G11B11/1053to compensate for the magnetic domain drift or time shift G11B11/10532Heads G11B11/10534for recording by magnetising, demagnetising or transfer of magnetisation, by radiation G11B11/10536using thermic beams G11B11/10539using electromagnetic beams G11B11/10541for reproducing G11B11/10543using optical beam of radiation G11B11/10545interacting directly with the magnetisation on the record carrier G11B11/10547interacting with the magnetisation of an intermediate transfer element G11B11/1055Disposition or mounting of transducers relative to record carriers G11B11/10552Arrangements of transducers relative to each other G11B11/10554the transducers being disposed on the same side of the carrier G11B11/10556with provision for moving or switching or masking the transducers in or out of their operative position G11B11/10558in view of the loading or unloading of the carrier G11B11/1056Switching or mechanically reversing the magnetic field generator G11B11/10563Access of indexed parts G11B11/10565Marks for track change G11B11/10567Mechanically moving the transducers G11B11/10569Swing arm positioners G11B11/10571Sled type positioners G11B11/10573Control of relative positioning of the magnetic and optical transducers G11B11/10576with provision for moving the transducers for maintaining alignment or spacing relative to the carrier G11B11/10578Servo format G11B11/1058Flying heads G11B11/10582Record carriers characterised by the selection of the material or by the structure or form G11B11/10584characterised by the form G11B11/10586characterised by the selection of the material G11B11/10589Details G11B11/10591for improving write-in properties G11B11/10593for improving read-out properties G11B11/10595Control of operating function G11B11/10597Adaptations for transducing various formats on the same or different carriers G11B11/11using a beam G11B11/115using a beam G11B11/12using recording by optical means G11B11/14with reproducing by magnetic means G11B11/16using recording by mechanical cutting, deforming or pressing G11B11/18with reproducing by optical means G11B11/20with reproducing by magnetic means G11B11/22with reproducing by capacitive means G11B11/24using recording by near-field interactions G11B11/26using microscopic probe means