Secondary cells Manufacture thereof


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  • H01M10/00
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Sub Industries

H01M10/02Details H01M10/04Construction or manufacture in general H01M10/0404Machines for assembling batteries H01M10/0409for cells with wound electrodes H01M10/0413Large-sized flat cells or batteries for motive or stationary systems with plate-like electrodes H01M10/0418with bipolar electrodes H01M10/0422Cells or battery with cylindrical casing H01M10/0427Button cells H01M10/0431Cells with wound or folded electrodes H01M10/0436Small-sized flat cells or batteries portable equipment H01M10/044with bipolar electrodes H01M10/0445Multimode batteries H01M10/045Cells or batteries with folded plate-like electrodes H01M10/0454Cells or batteries with electrodes of only one polarity folded H01M10/0459Cells or batteries with folded separator between plate-like electrodes H01M10/0463Cells or batteries with horizontal or inclined electrodes H01M10/0468Compression means for stacks of electrodes and separators H01M10/0472Vertically superposed cells with vertically disposed plates H01M10/0477with circular plates H01M10/0481Compression means other than compression means for stacks of electrodes and separators H01M10/0486Frames for plates or membranes H01M10/049Processes for forming or storing electrodes in the battery container H01M10/05Accumulators with non-aqueous electrolyte H01M10/052Li-accumulators H01M10/0525Rocking-chair batteries H01M10/054Accumulators with insertion or intercalation of metals other than lithium H01M10/056characterised by the materials used as electrolytes H01M10/0561the electrolyte being constituted of inorganic materials only H01M10/0562Solid materials H01M10/0563Liquid materials H01M10/0564the electrolyte being constituted of organic materials only H01M10/0565Polymeric materials H01M10/0566Liquid materials H01M10/0567characterised by the additives H01M10/0568characterised by the solutes H01M10/0569characterised by the solvents H01M10/058Construction or manufacture H01M10/0583of accumulators with folded construction elements except wound ones, i.e. folded positive or negative electrodes or separators H01M10/0585of accumulators having only flat construction elements H01M10/0587of accumulators having only wound construction elements H01M10/06Lead-acid accumulators H01M10/08Selection of materials as electrolytes H01M10/10Immobilising of electrolyte H01M10/12Construction or manufacture H01M10/121Valve regulated lead acid batteries [VRLA] H01M10/122Multimode batteries H01M10/123Cells or batteries with cylindrical casing H01M10/124Button cells H01M10/125Cells or batteries with wound or folded electrodes H01M10/126Small-sized flat cells or batteries for portable equipment H01M10/127with bipolar electrodes H01M10/128Processes for forming or storing electrodes in the battery container H01M10/14Assembling a group of electrodes or separators H01M10/16Suspending or supporting electrodes or groups of electrodes in the case H01M10/18with bipolar electrodes H01M10/20Semi-lead accumulators H01M10/22Selection of materials as electrolytes H01M10/24Alkaline accumulators H01M10/26Selection of materials as electrolytes H01M10/28Construction or manufacture H01M10/281Large cells or batteries with stacks of plate-like electrodes H01M10/282with bipolar electrodes H01M10/283Cells or batteries with two cup-shaped or cylindrical collectors H01M10/285Button cells H01M10/286Cells or batteries with wound or folded electrodes H01M10/287Small-sized flat cells or batteries for portable equipment H01M10/288Processes for forming or storing electrodes in the battery container H01M10/30Nickel accumulators H01M10/32Silver accumulators H01M10/34Gastight accumulators H01M10/342Gastight lead accumulators H01M10/345Gastight metal hydride accumulators H01M10/347with solid electrolyte H01M10/36Accumulators not provided for in groups H01M10/05-H01M10/34 H01M10/365Zinc-halogen accumulators H01M10/38Construction or manufacture H01M10/39Working at high temperature H01M10/3909Sodium-sulfur cells H01M10/3918characterised by the electrolyte H01M10/3927Several layers of electrolyte or coatings containing electrolyte H01M10/3936Electrolyte with a shape other than plane or cylindrical H01M10/3945containing additives or special arrangements in the sodium compartment H01M10/3954containing additives or special arrangement in the sulfur compartment H01M10/3963Sealing means between the solid electrolyte and holders H01M10/3972Flexible parts H01M10/3981Flat cells H01M10/399Cells with molten salts H01M10/42Methods or arrangements for servicing or maintenance of secondary cells or secondary half-cells H01M10/4207for several batteries or cells simultaneously or sequentially H01M10/4214Arrangements for moving electrodes or electrolyte H01M10/4221with battery type recognition H01M10/4228Leak testing of cells or batteries H01M10/4235Safety or regulating additives or arrangements in electrodes, separators or electrolyte H01M10/4242Regeneration of electrolyte or reactants H01M10/425Structural combination with electronic components H01M10/4257Smart batteries H01M10/4264with capacitors H01M10/4285Testing apparatus H01M10/44Methods for charging or discharging H01M10/441for several batteries or cells simultaneously or sequentially H01M10/443in response to temperature H01M10/445in response to gas pressure H01M10/446Initial charging measures H01M10/448End of discharge regulating measures H01M10/46Accumulators structurally combined with charging apparatus H01M10/465with solar battery as charging system H01M10/48Accumulators combined with arrangements for measuring, testing or indicating condition H01M10/482for several batteries or cells simultaneously or sequentially H01M10/484for measuring electrolyte level, electrolyte density or electrolyte conductivity H01M10/486for measuring temperature H01M10/488Cells or batteries combined with indicating means for externally visualisation of the condition H01M10/52Removing gases inside the secondary cell H01M10/523by recombination on a catalytic material H01M10/526by gas recombination on the electrode surface or by structuring the electrode surface to improve gas recombination H01M10/54Reclaiming serviceable parts of waste accumulators H01M10/60Heating or cooling Temperature control H01M10/61Types of temperature control H01M10/613Cooling or keeping cold H01M10/615Heating or keeping warm H01M10/617for achieving uniformity or desired distribution of temperature H01M10/62specially adapted for specific applications H01M10/623Portable devices H01M10/6235Power tools H01M10/625Vehicles H01M10/627Stationary installations H01M10/63Control systems H01M10/633characterised by algorithms, flow charts, software details or the like H01M10/635based on ambient temperature H01M10/637characterised by the use of reversible temperature-sensitive devices H01M10/64characterised by the shape of the cells H01M10/643Cylindrical cells H01M10/647Prismatic or flat cells H01M10/65Means for temperature control structurally associated with the cells H01M10/651characterised by parameters specified by a numeric value or mathematical formula H01M10/652characterised by gradients H01M10/653characterised by electrically insulating or thermally conductive materials H01M10/654located inside the innermost case of the cells H01M10/655Solid structures for heat exchange or heat conduction H01M10/6551Surfaces specially adapted for heat dissipation or radiation H01M10/6552Closed pipes transferring heat by thermal conductivity or phase transition, e.g.heat pipes H01M10/6553Terminals or leads H01M10/6554Rods or plates H01M10/6555arranged between the cells H01M10/6556Solid parts with flow channel passages or pipes for heat exchange H01M10/6557arranged between the cells H01M10/656characterised by the type of heat-exchange fluid H01M10/6561Gases H01M10/6562with free flow by convection only H01M10/6563with forced flow H01M10/6564using compressed gas H01M10/6565with recirculation or U-turn in the flow path H01M10/6566Means within the gas flow to guide the flow around one or more cells H01M10/6567Liquids H01M10/6568characterised by flow circuits H01M10/6569Fluids undergoing a liquid-gas phase change or transition H01M10/657by electric or electromagnetic means H01M10/6571Resistive heaters H01M10/6572Peltier elements or thermoelectric devices H01M10/658by thermal insulation or shielding H01M10/659by heat storage or buffering H01M10/6595by chemical reactions other than electrochemical reactions of the cells H01M10/66Heat-exchange relationships between the cells and other systems H01M10/663the system being an air-conditioner or an engine H01M10/667the system being an electronic component