Security arrangements for protecting computers, components thereof, programs or data against unauthorised activity


  • CPC
  • G06F21/00
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Sub Industries

G06F21/10Protecting distributed programs or content G06F21/105Tools for software license management or administration G06F21/12Protecting executable software G06F21/121Restricting unauthorised execution of programs G06F21/123by using dedicated hardware G06F21/125by manipulating the program code G06F21/126Interacting with the operating system G06F21/128involving web programs, i.e. using technology especially used in internet, generally interacting with a web browser G06F21/14against software analysis or reverse engineering G06F21/16Program or content traceability G06F21/30Authentication G06F21/305by remotely controlling device operation G06F21/31User authentication G06F21/313using a call-back technique via a telephone network G06F21/316by observing the pattern of computer usage G06F21/32using biometric data G06F21/33using certificates G06F21/335for accessing specific resources G06F21/34involving the use of external additional devices G06F21/35communicating wirelessly G06F21/36by graphic or iconic representation G06F21/40by quorum G06F21/41where a single sign-on provides access to a plurality of computers G06F21/42using separate channels for security data G06F21/43wireless channels G06F21/44Program or device authentication G06F21/445by mutual authentication G06F21/45Structures or tools for the administration of authentication G06F21/46by designing passwords or checking the strength of passwords G06F21/50Monitoring users, programs or devices to maintain the integrity of platforms G06F21/51at application loading time G06F21/52during program execution G06F21/53by executing in a restricted environment G06F21/54by adding security routines or objects to programs G06F21/55Detecting local intrusion or implementing counter-measures G06F21/552involving long-term monitoring or reporting G06F21/554involving event detection and direct action G06F21/556involving covert channels G06F21/558with measures against differential power attack G06F21/56Computer malware detection or handling G06F21/561Virus type analysis G06F21/562Static detection G06F21/563by source code analysis G06F21/564by virus signature recognition G06F21/565by checking file integrity G06F21/566Dynamic detection, i.e. detection performed at run-time G06F21/567using dedicated hardware G06F21/568eliminating virus, restoring damaged files G06F21/57Certifying or maintaining trusted computer platforms G06F21/572Secure firmware programming G06F21/575Secure boot G06F21/577Assessing vulnerabilities and evaluating computer system security G06F21/60Protecting data G06F21/602Providing cryptographic facilities or services G06F21/604Tools and structures for managing or administering access control systems G06F21/606by securing the transmission between two devices or processes G06F21/608Secure printing G06F21/62Protecting access to data via a platform G06F21/6209to a single file or object G06F21/6218to a system of files or objects G06F21/6227where protection concerns the structure of data G06F21/6236between heterogeneous systems G06F21/6245Protecting personal data G06F21/6254by anonymising data G06F21/6263during internet communication G06F21/6272by registering files or documents with a third party G06F21/6281at program execution time, where the protection is within the operating system G06F21/629to features or functions of an application G06F21/64Protecting data integrity G06F21/645using a third party G06F21/70Protecting specific internal or peripheral components, in which the protection of a component leads to protection of the entire computer G06F21/71to assure secure computing or processing of information G06F21/72in cryptographic circuits G06F21/725operating on a secure reference time value G06F21/73by creating or determining hardware identification G06F21/74operating in dual or compartmented mode G06F21/75by inhibiting the analysis of circuitry or operation G06F21/76in application-specific integrated circuits [ASICs] or field-programmable devices G06F21/77in smart cards G06F21/78to assure secure storage of data G06F21/79in semiconductor storage media G06F21/80in storage media based on magnetic or optical technology G06F21/805using a security table for the storage sub-system G06F21/81by operating on the power supply G06F21/82Protecting input, output or interconnection devices G06F21/83input devices G06F21/84output devices G06F21/85interconnection devices G06F21/86Secure or tamper-resistant housings G06F21/87by means of encapsulation G06F21/88Detecting or preventing theft or loss