Shaped ceramic products characterised by their composition Ceramics compositions Processing powders of inorganic compounds preparatory to the manufacturing of ceramic products


  • CPC
  • C04B35/00
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Sub Industries

C04B35/01based on oxide ceramics C04B35/013containing carbon C04B35/016based on manganites C04B35/03based on magnesium oxide, calcium oxide or oxide mixtures derived from dolomite C04B35/04based on magnesium oxide C04B35/043Refractories from grain sized mixtures C04B35/0435containing refractory metal compounds other than chromium oxide or chrome ore C04B35/047containing chromium oxide or chrome ore C04B35/0473obtained from fused grains C04B35/0476obtained from prereacted sintered grains ("simultaneous sinter") C04B35/05Refractories by fusion casting C04B35/051containing chromium oxide or chrome ore C04B35/053Fine ceramics C04B35/057based on calcium oxide C04B35/06based on oxide mixtures derived from dolomite C04B35/08based on beryllium oxide C04B35/10based on aluminium oxide C04B35/101Refractories from grain sized mixtures C04B35/1015containing refractory metal compounds other than those covered by C04B35/103 - C04B35/106 C04B35/103containing non-oxide refractory materials C04B35/105containing chromium oxide or chrome ore C04B35/106containing zirconium oxide or zircon (ZrSiO4) C04B35/107Refractories by fusion casting C04B35/109containing zirconium oxide or zircon (ZrSiO4) C04B35/111Fine ceramics C04B35/1115Minute sintered entities C04B35/113based on beta-aluminium oxide C04B35/115Translucent or transparant products C04B35/117Composites C04B35/119with zirconium oxide C04B35/12based on chromium oxide C04B35/14based on silica C04B35/16based on silicates other than clay C04B35/18rich in aluminium oxide C04B35/185Mullite 3Al2O3-2SiO2 C04B35/19Alkali metal aluminosilicates C04B35/195Alkaline earth aluminosilicates C04B35/20rich in magnesium oxide C04B35/22rich in calcium oxide C04B35/26based on ferrites C04B35/2608Compositions containing one or more ferrites of the group comprising manganese, zinc, nickel, copper or cobalt and one or more ferrites of the group comprising rare earth metals, alkali metals, alkaline earth metals or lead C04B35/2616containing lithium C04B35/2625containing magnesium C04B35/2633containing barium, strontium or calcium C04B35/2641Compositions containing one or more ferrites of the group comprising rare earth metals and one or more ferrites of the group comprising alkali metals, alkaline earth metals or lead C04B35/265Compositions containing one or more ferrites of the group comprising manganese or zinc and one or more ferrites of the group comprising nickel, copper or cobalt C04B35/2658Other ferrites containing manganese or zinc C04B35/2666Other ferrites containing nickel, copper or cobalt C04B35/2675Other ferrites containing rare earth metals C04B35/2683Other ferrites containing alkaline earth metals or lead C04B35/2691Other ferrites containing alkaline metals C04B35/42based on chromites C04B35/44based on aluminates C04B35/443Magnesium aluminate spinel C04B35/447based on phosphates C04B35/45based on copper oxide or solid solutions thereof with other oxides C04B35/4504containing rare earth oxides C04B35/4508Type 1-2-3 C04B35/4512containing thallium oxide C04B35/4517also containing lead oxide C04B35/4521containing bismuth oxide C04B35/4525also containing lead oxide C04B35/453based on zinc, tin, or bismuth oxides or solid solutions thereof with other oxides C04B35/457based on tin oxides or stannates C04B35/46based on titanium oxide or titanates C04B35/462based on titanates C04B35/465based on alkaline earth metal titanates C04B35/468based on barium titanates C04B35/4682based on BaTiO3 perofskite phase C04B35/4684containing lead compounds C04B35/4686based on phases other than BaTiO3 perofskite phase C04B35/4688containing lead compounds C04B35/47based on strontium titanates C04B35/472based on lead titanates C04B35/475based on bismuth titanates C04B35/478based on aluminium titanates C04B35/48based on zirconium or hafnium oxides, zirconates, zircon or hafnates C04B35/481containing silicon C04B35/482Refractories from grain sized mixtures C04B35/484Refractories by fusion casting C04B35/486Fine ceramics C04B35/488Composites C04B35/4885with aluminium oxide C04B35/49containing also titanium oxides or titanates C04B35/491based on lead zirconates and lead titanates C04B35/493containing also other lead compounds C04B35/495based on vanadium, niobium, tantalum, molybdenum or tungsten oxides or solid solutions thereof with other oxides C04B35/497based on solid solutions with lead oxides C04B35/499containing also titanates C04B35/50based on rare-earth compounds C04B35/505based on yttrium oxide C04B35/51based on compounds of actinides C04B35/515based on non-oxide ceramics C04B35/5152based on halogenides other than fluorides C04B35/5154based on phosphides C04B35/5156based on rare earth compounds C04B35/5158based on actinide compounds C04B35/52based on carbon C04B35/521obtained by impregnation of carbon products with a carbonisable material C04B35/522Graphite C04B35/524obtained from polymer precursors C04B35/528obtained from carbonaceous particles with or without other non-organic components C04B35/532containing a carbonisable binder C04B35/536based on expanded graphite or complexed graphite C04B35/547based on sulfides or selenides or tellurides C04B35/553based on fluorides C04B35/56based on carbides or oxycarbides C04B35/5603with a well-defined oxygen content C04B35/5607based on refractory metal carbides C04B35/5611based on titanium carbides C04B35/5615based on titanium silicon carbides C04B35/5618based on titanium aluminium carbides C04B35/5622based on zirconium or hafnium carbides C04B35/5626based on tungsten carbides C04B35/563based on boron carbide C04B35/565based on silicon carbide C04B35/571obtained from Si-containing polymer precursors or organosilicon monomers C04B35/573obtained by reaction sintering or recrystallisation C04B35/575obtained by pressure sintering C04B35/5755obtained by gas pressure sintering C04B35/58based on borides, nitrides C04B35/58007based on refractory metal nitrides C04B35/58014based on titanium nitrides C04B35/58021based on titanium carbonitrides C04B35/58028based on zirconium or hafnium nitrides C04B35/58035based on zirconium or hafnium carbonitrides C04B35/58042based on iron group metals nitrides C04B35/5805based on borides C04B35/58057based on magnesium boride C04B35/58064based on refractory borides C04B35/58071based on titanium borides C04B35/58078based on zirconium or hafnium borides C04B35/58085based on silicides C04B35/58092based on refractory metal silicides C04B35/581based on aluminium nitride C04B35/583based on boron nitride C04B35/5831based on cubic boron nitrides or Wurtzitic boron nitrides, including crystal structure transformation of powder C04B35/584based on silicon nitride C04B35/587Fine ceramics C04B35/589obtained from Si-containing polymer precursors or organosilicon monomers C04B35/591obtained by reaction sintering C04B35/593obtained by pressure sintering C04B35/5935obtained by gas pressure sintering C04B35/597based on silicon oxynitride C04B35/622Forming processes Processing powders of inorganic compounds preparatory to the manufacturing of ceramic products C04B35/62204using waste materials or refuse C04B35/62209using woody material, remaining in the ceramic products C04B35/62213using rice material C04B35/62218obtaining ceramic films C04B35/62222obtaining ceramic coatings C04B35/62227obtaining fibres C04B35/62231based on oxide ceramics C04B35/62236Fibres based on aluminium oxide C04B35/6224Fibres based on silica C04B35/62245rich in aluminium oxide C04B35/6225Fibres based on zirconium oxide C04B35/62254Fibres based on copper oxide C04B35/62259Fibres based on titanium oxide C04B35/62263Fibres based on magnesium oxide C04B35/62268Fibres based on metal phosphorus oxides C04B35/62272based on non-oxide ceramics C04B35/62277Fibres based on carbides C04B35/62281based on silicon carbide C04B35/62286Fibres based on nitrides C04B35/6229based on boron nitride C04B35/62295based on silicon nitride C04B35/624Sol-gel processing C04B35/626Preparing or treating the powders individually or as batches ; preparing or treating macroscopic reinforcing agents for ceramic products C04B35/62605Treating the starting powders individually or as mixtures C04B35/6261Milling C04B35/62615High energy or reactive ball milling C04B35/6262of calcined, sintered clinker or ceramics C04B35/62625Wet mixtures C04B35/6263characterised by their solids loadings C04B35/62635Mixing details C04B35/6264Mixing media C04B35/62645Thermal treatment of powders or mixtures thereof other than sintering C04B35/6265involving reduction or oxidation C04B35/62655Drying C04B35/6266Humidity controlled drying C04B35/62665Flame, plasma or melting treatment C04B35/6267Pyrolysis, carbonisation or auto-combustion reactions C04B35/62675characterised by the treatment temperature C04B35/6268characterised by the applied pressure or type of atmosphere C04B35/62685characterised by the order of addition of constituents or additives C04B35/6269Curing of mixtures C04B35/62695Granulation or pelletising C04B35/628Coating the powders or the macroscopic reinforcing agents C04B35/62802Powder coating materials C04B35/62805Oxide ceramics C04B35/62807Silica or silicates C04B35/6281Alkaline earth metal oxides C04B35/62813Alumina or aluminates C04B35/62815Rare earth metal oxides C04B35/62818Refractory metal oxides C04B35/62821Titanium oxide C04B35/62823Zirconium or hafnium oxide C04B35/62826Iron group metal oxides C04B35/62828Non-oxide ceramics C04B35/62831Carbides C04B35/62834Silicon carbide C04B35/62836Nitrides C04B35/62839Carbon C04B35/62842Metals C04B35/62844Coating fibres C04B35/62847with oxide ceramics C04B35/62849Silica or silicates C04B35/62852Alumina or aluminates C04B35/62855Refractory metal oxides C04B35/62857with non-oxide ceramics C04B35/6286Carbides C04B35/62863Silicon carbide C04B35/62865Nitrides C04B35/62868Boron nitride C04B35/62871Silicon nitride C04B35/62873Carbon C04B35/62876with metals C04B35/62878with boron or silicon C04B35/62881with metal salts C04B35/62884by gas phase techniques C04B35/62886by wet chemical techniques C04B35/62889with a discontinuous coating layer C04B35/62892with a coating layer consisting of particles C04B35/62894with more than one coating layer C04B35/62897Coatings characterised by their thickness C04B35/63using additives specially adapted for forming the products, e.g.. binder binders C04B35/6303Inorganic additives C04B35/6306Binders based on phosphoric acids or phosphates C04B35/6309Aluminium phosphates C04B35/6313Alkali metal or alkaline earth metal phosphates C04B35/6316Binders based on silicon compounds C04B35/632Organic additives C04B35/6325based on organo-metallic compounds C04B35/634Polymers C04B35/63404obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds C04B35/63408Polyalkenes C04B35/63412Coumarone polymers C04B35/63416Polyvinylalcohols [PVA]; Polyvinylacetates C04B35/6342Polyvinylacetals C04B35/63424Polyacrylates; Polymethacrylates C04B35/63428of ethylenically unsaturated dicarboxylic acid anhydride polymers C04B35/63432Polystyrenes C04B35/63436Halogen-containing polymers C04B35/6344Copolymers containing at least three different monomers C04B35/63444Nitrogen-containing polymers C04B35/63448obtained otherwise than by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds C04B35/63452Polyepoxides C04B35/63456Polyurethanes; Polyisocyanates C04B35/6346Polyesters C04B35/63464Polycarbonates C04B35/63468Polyamides C04B35/63472Condensation polymers of aldehydes or ketones C04B35/63476Phenol-formaldehyde condensation polymers C04B35/6348Melamine-formaldehyde condensation polymers C04B35/63484Urea-formaldehyde condensation polymers C04B35/63488Polyethers C04B35/63492Natural resins C04B35/63496Bituminous materials C04B35/636Polysaccharides or derivatives thereof C04B35/6365Cellulose or derivatives thereof C04B35/638Removal thereof C04B35/64Burning or sintering processes C04B35/645Pressure sintering C04B35/6455Hot isostatic pressing C04B35/65Reaction sintering of free metal- or free silicon-containing compositions C04B35/651Thermite type sintering C04B35/652Directional oxidation or solidification C04B35/653Processes involving a melting step C04B35/657for manufacturing refractories C04B35/66Monolithic refractories or refractory mortars, including those whether or not containing clay C04B35/71Ceramic products containing macroscopic reinforcing agents C04B35/74containing shaped metallic materials C04B35/76Fibres, filaments, whiskers, platelets, or the like C04B35/78containing non-metallic materials C04B35/80Fibres, filaments, whiskers, platelets, or the like C04B35/803The matrix of the ceramic products consisting of oxides only C04B35/806The matrix of the ceramic products consisting of non-oxides only C04B35/82Asbestos Glass Fused silica C04B35/83Carbon fibres in a carbon matrix